#10 : Awwthentic Poetry Contest 2 : Second Runner-Up

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Awwthentic Poetry Contest Second Runner-Up : Gem aka GeminiGirll

Her Submission : External Link

Her Works : 

a) What does Freedom means to me

b) It happens...

c) SnapShots

d) Love Dose e) Essence

Her New Year Resolution is "Is to not take any resolution that I might either forget or get bored of doing." 

What's Next On Her Desk? : "Trying to be more consistent with my poetry and story book."

And, here goes her Interview :-

 1) How old were you when you first began writing? What inspired you into writing poetry?

We all get introduced to writing at a very young age. In school, we are taught to write log books on poems or stories or letters to some non-existing people and problems. Our creativity and imagination starts getting nurtured from school time. So, I can’t remember, how old was I, when I first started to write. All poems, here on wattpad and others too, inspire me a lot. There’s a lot of talent.

2) Tell us about your submission "SnowFlakes".

Snowflakes- What should I say about this poem. When I read the prompt’s topic, I was confused about which topic to choose and what to write, and then, Snowflakes caught my attention. I liked it a lot. My biggest challenge is to write short poems, and I consider 24 sentences short. In a way, this poem is very special. It got me prize on 1st day of New Year. So, I am happy.

3) Why is poetry important to you? What prompted you to begin writing poetry?

Poetry is more in less. In a prose, you can go on and on about, say, sunset, but in poetry, it’s short and deep. You’ve to find precise words. It’s beautiful. Poetry is very, very new for me. Till 4-5 months back, I didn’t like poetry. I even hated, when I had to answer question on poems in school time. Wattpad is solely responsible for my interest in poetry. One day @sweethin9 followed me. I checked out her works, and to my much dismay, all were poems. But, for the sake of showing my gratitude towards her follow, I decided to read just one poem, but then, I couldn’t stop reading further, such simple words and deep meaning with binding emotions. And then, I checked out some other poet’s works. @tejaswiniaura and @LakshyaKhare helped me a lot, specially, Lakshya. He’s my teacher. He taught me how to write poetry. His motivating words never end. I, once, commented on his poem- I wish to write poetry someday. He made me, motivated me to write poetry.

4) How was the journey as the participant of the 'Awwthentic Poetry Contest?"
Oh, it was amazing and I’m looking forward to more. This contest was unique in its own way. I loved enthusiasm of fellow contestants. The best thing is that is has prize for every winner, which is motivating in many ways.

5) Do you really given it a thought that you will win?

Nah. Being a second runner-up came as a surprise to me. Everybody wants to get noticed, and we writers- even people like me, who don’t like much attention- wants to get noticed for our work. And, I am glad that I won something.

6) Did you read the poems other submitted in the contest?
Which one is your favorite among them?
Yes, I read most of the poems. Even votes, rated and commented on them. I loved each poem of this contest; they are unique and lovely in their own way.

7) On the average, how long does it usually take you to create a poem from thought to completion?

It’s different for all poems. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take five minutes and sometimes I keep on thinking for hours. This poem- Snowflakes- I wrote it in half an hour, and my other poem- Sincerely, your clacked reality- it got completed in a day.

8) Has your idea of what poetry is changed since you began writing poems?

Yes, definitely. Before, I didn’t like poetry, and now, I love it.

9) Your favorite poem written by you and why.
It would be-,’Sincerely, your cracked reality’, for sure. I love to write reality and this poem is harsh reality of humans.

10) Do you sit and think through every word of every stanza or do you just write freely and allowing the words to flow?
Again, it’s different for every poem. When I try different types of poetry, I think a lot and it, generally, take me long compared to free-verses poems. Sometimes, words just flow. My poem- Pale pink promises- is written in 5 minutes.

11) Are there any forms you haven't tried but would like to?

There are many. I would love to try Limerick soon.

12) Your message to your readers.
First of all, I want to thank Kashish for coming up with such contests, they help to improve and bring other good works in notice. I would like to thank all my readers for appreciating Snowflakes and my other works, as well. If you want to write poetry, but couldn’t understand how to start, then my advice is to follow your heart. Poetry is the string of heart and your words are just tool to play it. Thank you.

Enjoy Reading and Do not forget to Check out her submission and vote and comment on it along with other submissions.  :)


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