#7 : Awwthentic Poetry Contest 2 - Third Prize Winner

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Awwthentic Poetry Contest Third Prize Winner - Niivah

A Special mention goes out to inform you guys (the one's who does not know) that "Niivah" is also the First Prize Winner of the Awwthentic Poetry Contest 1. It's applaudable that his poems are so appreciated by everyone, to be able to win a title in the current contest too. :)

His Submission : External Link

His Works : Mentioned in the Interview Questions.

His New Year Resolution : "Is to be happy and less depressed, to keep up the poetry."

What's Next On the Desk? : "I am trying some new ways of picturing images in my poems. What poems will be created in that style is yet to be a surprise to me too."

Here is his Interview. Enjoy Reading. :)

1) How did it feel like after winning the contest for the second time?

Well, I was actually quite surprised, again. But maybe that's because of my low self esteem. But my first reaction was a big smile :)

2) What inspired you to write "Snowflake of Remembrance"?

Ehmmm... Hard one... as I explained in the previous interview I am not quite 'happy', so I used my emotion. Also it was bit of a wish for myself, for my life to become better, to think of the good moments, but I also wanted to remember the people I (almost) lost. I think that's it...

3) Your favorite verse from the poem and why?

I personally think that the second verse was the best:

"The cold, the past

The blood and the fate

This little red drop

Is to be a snowflake."

This because, in my opinion, it shows perfectly, in a kind of concealed way, that the dark and cold things that have happend, the things you suffered from or for, are actually sort of beautiful, in a special perspective, moments to learn from, to become stronger!

4) Sure, you have read all the submissions. So, what is your favorite among them?

I was really touched by the poem from @CreepyAngel, it was really the best poem I saw in the contest, so the first place is rightfully his if it was up to me to say that!

5) What works have you written in-between the 2 contests?

A life without love (Dark Poems)

Fall and rise (Dark Poems)

Savior of the light (Savior of the light)

Listen (Savior of the light)

20 Things about me-Tag me (Tag me!)

So cold (Dark Poems)

6) Has your idea of what poetry is changed since the last contest?

No, it hasn't. I still think poetry is to be free and without boundaries. Poetry is what you want to be poetry, it depends on you.

7) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Ehmmm haha, I had to think a while about this one... But everytime when I doubt about something I've written, I erase it, and then rewrite it. Often repeated a few times. Haha

8) What book/poem are you reading now?

8) I am now reading Allegiant, the 3rd part of the Divergent Trilogy

9) Do you see writing as a career?

Yes, but not mine. I sure do believe that people would like to write all day, but I doubt if it pays enough for a healthy living, in between the publishment of two books.

10) What authors have inspired you to write?

None. None did, I started out of myself, out of nowhere... At first just to get rid of my hardest feelings...

11) What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

Auch... Actually... I don't think I have one :( I know that everyone should have something, but I really don't know what mine is...

12) Your message to the readers:

Previous interview I had a quite long message, so I'll keep it short this time:

Be(come) strong, stay strong, keep strong! Create the life you want it to be, and live that way, and live the life you love! No matter what others say... It's your life!


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