#5 : Awwthentic Poetry Contest 2 - First Prize Winner

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Presenting you, First Prize Winner of Awwthentic Poetry Contest : Jeff aka CreepyAngel

His Submission : Check External Link

His Other Works :

a) A Quill's Rambling: An Anthology

b) Swan Songs

c) Scary Short Horror Stories Collection

His New Year's Resolution : "Is to make new friends liek those I have made during this contest - because you guys are amazing!"


I am sure you would love to read more about him. :)

1) A few words about you and your poetic side, please.

Always difficult to consolidate a personality when shackled by words- whilst balancing along the precipice of truth without falling into the gorge of arrogance. I'm a violinst, pianist, elocutionist, Head Boy, Science Secretary, and I dabble in Essay-writing. Poetry has been a second language since I was around six when I first wrote a poem for my "mommy". I am inspired by anything and everything. {Gosh, I sound like such a braggart}

2) The inspiration behind "Merry Christmas, Mom" is?

My friend's mom recently passed away because of Cancer, and it was a shock to him because neither his mother nor father ever really broke the news to him. This happened just three days before Christmas, and he was shattered. His mom had even packed a Christmas gift for him. The thought of such a tragedy occurring in the midst of the festive season is truly shocking. I wanted to encapsulate the pathos of the boy who lost his mother and knew not how to deal with this hideous trick of Fate.

3) Do you sit and think through every word of every stanza or do you just write freely and allowing the words to flow?

As I said, I have been writing poetry since I was six, so the rhyme and rhythm usually come to me naturally. Hence, it is easy for me to write the verse as if it were a story I were composing. At first, however, I used to write out the work in rough, convert it to a non-rhyming rhythm and finally add the rhyming scheme. But since I was around ten I haven't found the need to do that.

4)How was the journey as the participant of the 'Awwthentic Poetry Contest?"

It was a marvellous platform to express our emotions. It gave me a chance to gauge how good or bad a third party would consider my poetry. It also gave me the opportunity to make really exceptional friends whose poetry was simply extraordinary. Of course, it also introduced me to the infinitely talented @awwthentic, and I am very grateful for that.

5) Did you read the poems other submitted in the contest? Which one is your favorite among them?

Of course I read the other poetry. I have said this before and, even under threat of being accused of evading the question, I will repeat that I would be a terrible judge. I firmly believe that almost every poem on Wattpad, and certainly every poem in this competition, tells a different story and cannot be compared. Good and bad are relativistic concepts that rely upon a reference point, and in the absence of a suitable one, it would be futile for me to adjudicate. I did, however, like Niivah's Snowflakes of remembrance and Greg's @BleedingUnicorns} The Real Saint Nick- solely because of the impactful presentation. I repeat, though, all of them were fantastic.

6) Are there any forms you haven't tried but would like to?

Blankverse is something I have tried my hand at, but freeverse is an unknown realm of poetry at present. Rhyming schemes are pretty much second-nature to me, if I may say so myself. To be honest, though I like Freeverse, the absence of rhyme and excessive focus on rhythm does not appeal to me as much- due to which freeverse does not seem to be the first thing on my New Year's Resolution. However, I would like to improve my Blankverse... somehow.

7) On the average, how long does it usually take you to create a poem from thought to completion?

A couple of minutes on a computer, and a couple of seconds on the mobile- although it takes half-an-hour to remove auto-correct's howlers from it thereafter. Haha. I'm eccentric that way, because I may not think of anything creative for a month at a stretch, but then I'll just compose an Anthology in a couple of days. However, I do focus on quality, so I don't publish my work unless I feel it passes muster.

8) Do you plan to get your book published?

In a distant highly improbable realm of spacetime at 12:64 am on the 31st of February I think. I'm sorry, rhetoric is my weakness. Poetry is a hobby and relaxation- not a priority as far as life decisions are concerned for me. So, probably not.

9) Tell us about your other works.

Well, I do write horror stories {The last thing you would expect someone with my Username to write, right?} and some of them are in the form of poetry- because the possibilities of poetry in scaring people are immense. I have also tried my hand at a series of short stories culminating in a rather unexpected and poignant conclusion. This is a new project, so any criticism is appreciated. It's entitled "Swan Songs" It is being updated regularly.

10) What does your family think of your writing?

They mostly shake their heads and say I am extremely morbid. But, they have told me that as long as it does not interfere seriously with my studies, they are happy if I have found an alternative avenue of relaxation. Personally, I think the violin was making them go a bit deaf, so they welcomed the change. Haha.

11) What books/poems have most influenced your life most?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpieces of that evergreen sleuth Holmes have severely affected my ideals and language skills. Life without Shakespeare {Eg: Macbeth, Julius Caesar} is like a candle in a dark room without a lighter. Robert Frost {Eg: The Road Not Taken, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening} is my idol as far as depressing poetry is concerned, and the undisputed emperor of war poetry shall always be Wilfred Owen {Eg: Dulce et Decorum est} for me.

12) Your message to the readers.

Thank you for reading! Remember, life is not about making it through the storm- it's about learning to dance in the rain.. It's great to build castles in the air, as long as you remember to chain them down to the earth at the end. Finally, remember, even if you think the world is your oyster, there's a sea-full of shellfish and marine-life out there- you're never the best, because there's always scope for improvement. Right now is the most experienced you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be- so get out there and make some noise!!

Awwthentic~ :)

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