Watty's 2014 : People's Choice Award Winner : MelancholyMango

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Title : Freak

Author : MelancholyMango

Summary : What if you could hear them? The thoughts they deigned not reasonable enough to say out loud, the things not suitable for even a giggly teenage gossip conversation. Would it be a blessing or a curse?

Troye, the unlucky teenager bestowed with this 'gift', thinks of it as a curse, with good reason. Do you know how hard it is to keep a relationship with someone when you know exactly what they think of you? Impossible. It's impossible. Or at least that's what Troye thinks, considering he's given up on even trying to make it work. He's different, people shun different. People hate different. And it's better to go under the radar, to be nothing, than to be hated. Right?
Tyler, on the other hand, has taken a different approach to a similar problem. No, he can't 'read minds', but he does have a part of himself he doesn't want a soul to know about. He's quarterback, every girl's dream guy, an academic mastermind, and he's also gay.
He's seen how different kids get treated, hell, he's been the one to treat them that way before. Why on Earth would he ever wish that on himself? No, it's easier to hide, to be someone you're not, than to be hated. Right?

Genre : Fanfiction

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Interview with the Author

1) At what age you began writing and what or who inspired you into writing?

1) I'm not sure when I looked at what I was doing and thought of it as serious writing rather than just something I found myself doing to pass the time, so this is kind of hard to pinpoint. Throughout school I always went above and beyond expectations on creative writing projects, ever since it was introduced in second grade. I took up writing things longer than a couple pages when I was twelve, so 2009, when I wrote a beautiful 64 page novella creatively titled 'Love and Hate' that was filled with more teen werewolf angst than ever necessary in any universe. I've been doing it irregularly ever since, only really taking up a committment lasting longer than a few months in late 2013 when I stumbled upon Wattpad. As for inspiration I can't really say I was inspired by one person or thing so much as the literary world as a whole. I've loved books and authors of every kind for as long as I can remember, it's just been a part of who I am.

2) How was the entire experience from writing 'Freak' to Winning Wattys has been like?

2) It's definitely been a journey, I'll give it that. Writing Freak has been amazing in every way, I never dreamed of having such an insanely huge response to anything I'd write. It's given me so much confidence in my writing and it's unbelievable to see how far I've grown just since the start of it. As for the Watty's, I'm not even ashamed to say how proud of myself I am for all the work I put into it. I decided to enter a ways into the competition after mulling over the decision forever because of how crazy it seemed. I still had fifty chapters when I decided to enter, fifty chapters to finish in less than fifty days, each of which ranging from ten to twenty-five pages. Everyone I told about my decision to enter thought I was crazy and while they supported me, I don't think anyone thought I'd pull it off. I had to finish chapters daily even after cutting down the chapter count in order to finish in time for the deadline, it was so incredibly stressful trying to juggle real life and all of that. But I did it and I can honestly say I've never been more proud of something I've done in my entire life. I don't regret any of it for a minute.

3) What is the plot of 'Freak' about?

3) Freak is the story of eighteen year old Troye Sivan, a boy who's been dealing with voices inside his head for his entire life, and not just in the metaphorical sense. Troye was born with the power to read minds, though they seemed to leave out the instruction manual on how to use it. For the first few years of his life it was an entertaining talent he didn't think much of, but of course it was only a matter of time until he realized the harsh reality of just how different he was from everyone else and the negative affect his powers could have on others. After that he did everything he could to fight that part of himself, craving nothing more than the normality everyone else his age had. After a while he gave up on finding it, resolving to embrace that he'd never find happiness and simply do what he could to keep from making anyone else unhappy ever again. What he didn't realize is that happiness might find him, in the most unlikely of forms; a human connection he'd long ago told himself he wasn't allowed to have, in fear of hurting someone else and himself when they inevitably realized what a freak he was.

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