2) Destined To Find You

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"Sometimes you meet someone and before you know their name, before you know where they're from...you know that sometime in the future, this person is going to mean something to you. That's Serendipity and it finds you" : Zayna - Destined To Find You

☆☆☆☆☆☆Noorie remembered her mother's wise words from childhood – "Don't talk to strangers". But she had more than just 'casual talk' with a stranger. And, now Aftab Ali Khan is pursuing her. But, falling in love is not in her plans. It is a risk she couldn't allow herself to take. So, she treated him with total indifference, hoping he would back off. Only Aftab was as determined to get her as her friend Zayna, who believed they were meant to be. Although, Noorie denied it, But inspite of that, and rather against her will, she found herself getting attracted to him more than she thought possible. Perhaps, the stars were conspiring against her. But one truth challenged to change it all. ☆☆☆☆☆☆

A story for #Wattys2015 #JustWriteIt Contest.

I really cherish this universal fact of two strangers meeting up by accident or call it fate and then somehow they make great impact in each other lives, even if they do not become part of their lives permanently. I believe, everyone we meet, everything that happens, is for some definite reasons.

I truly hope you will like this story. Peep into Noorie's world of stars and unveil what her stars has in store for her. :)

Genre : Romance/Chick-lit

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