#22 : Jane

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Interview with Chris aka Christine Robitaille 

Author of the book : Jane

Summary : I'm different. I know I am. I just wish I could be like all the clones. They fit in and don't stand out. They stay the same and don't change like I do. I hate how I am sometimes.

I cause havoc wherever I go. I'm not meant to be here. My own father even told me. I'm a mistake that rose from a glitch in a petty system that's been the same for years. I've not been noticed yet and neither has my father. But that's because I stay hidden. I hope to never be found because then I'll be even more of a problem. I don't want to be found even if I hate where I am now, in hiding. ~:~:~:~ "This world; this universe we all live in, and everything in between, is the base of all complexity. Life is complex no matter how you look at it. It's unfair and unruly. Even though it may not seem like it, that's what makes life so perfect. So delicate and inspiring. For me, the point to my life was that there isn't a point. The point for me is that I can make my own reason and I can find my own perfection. I never needed anyone to show me the way to my answer, because I found my own. My own perfection."

Genre : Science Fiction

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Other Works : 

a) My Words

b) Unsung ; Zayn Malick 

c) Thinking of Charity : Hunger Games FanFiction

Interview :- 

1) When did you first, without hesitation, call yourself a writer?

I first wrote books and little stories when I was really young, and I never considered myself a writer until about a year ago when I started to write Jane. I know it isn't true but when I wrote fan fiction I never considered it to be real content and I neved thought myself good enough to be a writer. For me, being the girl who likes to write was enough.

2) Who or what inspired you into writing stories?

I wrote a story when I was six years old about a girl who made a snow angel in her frontyard, then when the snowangel came to life, she kept it in her freezer so her parents wouldn't know. Looking back, the plotline wasn't bad and had a proper beginning, middle, and end. So I've always enjoyed writing and done well in it. But the one person who inspired me to write real novels, and fan fiction when I was eleven, was Bel Watson as most people would know her as.Her name is actually Moniren, and she goes by Moni or Bel, but she has inspired me so much, and she actually reads Jane and gives me feedback. I I have to say, I am her biggest fan and I am glad she is a friend of mine!

3) Tell us about your book "JANE'.

Jane is a complicated novel, with aspects of science fiction and romance, all mixed into a dystopian society that fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent will really enjoy. Jane lives in Cottidius, a place made for clones, but she isn't a clone. She is different and she hates it. So, she is forced to hide. But she learns that she can run forever but she can't hide forever.

4) How is "JANE" as a character different from other girls?

Jane isn't much different from other girls, and I think that is one of the reasons people enjoy my book, because she is relatable. She wants to be free and anyone can relate to that aspect. She is selfish, stubborn, and let's her anger drive her decisions. Just lie any normal teenager would.

5) Can you tell us about the two main characters?

I've already told you about Jane but the other main character would be Demitrius. He is named after Shakespeare and I just love that. He is much alike Jane in the way that he is stubborn, but he isn't selfish at all and he fears most, hurting people, especially Jane.

6) Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

This is the hardest question yet. Writing my fictional books in first person makes my style dependent on the character. But I guess overall, I write with a lot of emotion and I try to convey feelings as well as possible. This may be biased but I also believe my writing style is sligthly rushed and that I should spend more time to make everything the best I can.

7) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I write to contradict myself. I'm not sure if it makes sense but I love to write a character who acts and does differently than they feel and think. I think it can make the story and character way more interesting.

8) Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I used to have way more responses from my readers but now, even the smallest vote puts a smile on my face. They usually encourage me to write more and update sooner because I enjoy leaving them in suspence. hehe.

9) How many books did you write before this one? I'm assuming this question is referring to novels I have completednand I've written three before Jane. One is called Unsung and is available on my profile as a Fan Fiction which isn't written too well ut I was 13, come on! I also have written other ones that I will not post.

10) Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? The obviois message in Jane is that nobodyand nothing can be perfect but when you look deeper the message is that you can't have love without hate, and you can't have nice, appreciative people, if somebody hasn't seen the lesser side of what they have.

11) Your message to your readers/followers. The message I would like to get across as an individuel is that "No one has ever climbed a mountain without looking down." That is a quote or lyrics from my original song called Don't Look Down. It means that even the people who made it to the top fall at some point, but they climb up even higher the next. If you want to check out that song the link to my youtube channel is on my profile.

 Hope you liked the Interview. :)


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