Red's Rook

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Scar's POV

"Mr. Richard Pierre.. I've never seen anything or anyone made me so...made me so..."Frederic said in front of dad while Emilia is wiping hos wet tux.

Gosh what have we done.

"..frustrated!" He said in a loud husky voice. Then he walked slowly and get a pail full of water balloons then started to throw it at us. The he burst out laughing.

"Hahaha! I've never seen my son to be this happy!" Sir. Del Valle shouted and laughed his voicing echoing.

"Yes darling" Emilia said happiness is clearly seen in her smile

"Achoo!" Luke sneezed.

"Hey Scar my clothes are still here right?" Luke said as he took his coat off.. he have an awesome body.

"Yeah there are in my know where it is" I said then Luke run to my room to get his change of clothes.

"He's allowed at your room?" Vince asked.


We were all shocked at the loud noise then I saw Luke sitting at the cold floor.. he slipped. He quickly stop up. "Scar your floor missed me so I gave a hug. I didn't slip" he said and I just started giggle. I grab my phone..lucky its water proof.

You should take a shower first. You might catch cold

Then sent the messege to Luke.

I'm gonna borrow some soap

"Red, why does Luke allowed in your room?" Vince asked me again. Gosh I forgot to answer him earlier.

"Yeah. His actually a childhood friend of mine. He's always there to help me and protect me"

"That's why his alias is Knight huh"


"What's your alias for me then?" Vince asked.

"Let me think for a while"

"Everyone please change your clothes you might catch cold" mom said and gave the Del Valle's some change of clothes. Then they headed inside. I was about to went inside when Vince grab my arm.

"What is it Vince?"

"C-Can I use your shower?" He said in a shakey voice.

"You just want to see my room don't you"

"Maybe yes. Maybe no" he said in a sheepish smile. Darn he looks kinda cute, but not as adorable as Luke. What?

"Come on then" then we walked upstairs in my room.

Then we saw Luke sleeping in my bed. Only wearing a boxer shorts. He a heavy sleeper anyway so he wouldn't wake up easily.

"Wow Red your room is amazing!" Vince said in awe.

"Achoo!" I suddenly sneeze loudly but Luke didn't even move a muscle.

"God, you should take a shower first Red"he said in a worried tone.

"You sure?"

"Yes ofcourse I don't want my Princess to become sick"

"Thanks Rook"

"Rook?" He asked

"Yeah. You know a chess piece that's protect others. Your like that Vince" I said in a tender voice. I'm surprise on how my voice is.

"I love it. I have an alias" he said then hugged me. He's hug is so warm. "Achoo!" I suddenly sneeze while he's hugging me. That's so embarrassing.

"Hahaha! Go on take a shower now Red" he let go of me then I went for a cold shower.



Bishop (Prince)

Bishop (Princess)




The Mafia pieces are complete. Hope it will stay that way.

After about 15 minutes I'm already done and now wearing a bath robe. I saw Vince looking at an old picture of me and Luke. I think its taken ten years the pond. Vince looked at the picture so seriously..his silence is making me uncomfortable.

"Im done with the shower"I told him. But he didn't respond. So I walk and tapped his shoulders slightly causing him to jump a bit.

"Umm.. shower's ready by the way" I said again

"Ah.. thanks"

"Anyway is it alright to you if you use Luke's extra clothes?" I asked

"Yeah.. as long as he wont eat me alive" he said forcing a smile. Then got a change of clothes.. a denim short and a comfy black shirt. I grab some of Luke's clothes and put it on top of the side table.

I walk towards the sleeping Luke..he's fast asleep.

"The cat...the cat.."Luke suddenly mummbling.

"....ate it not me.."he's sleep talking?!

"..the cat ate the cake Scar..."he said my name.

"*snore*..dont be mad at me...the cake doesnt even taste good...Scar" he's snoring and talking at the same time. He's so cute. What?!

"Red!" Vince shouted behind the bathroom door.


"Can I have the clothes now?" Vince said so I handed it down to him.

"Rook.."I called him by alias.

"Yes?" He said in a jolly voice. He really like his alias.

"I'll be downstairs if you need" then I quickly ran down stairs.

But stopped when I heard them talking

"We are not the one who should decide about the Frederic" dad said trying to control his tone.

"Well it will help to make your Mafia stronger imagine the two ...." Sir Frederic said but cutted of by dad.

"Im not going to take away the happiness of.." dad said but stopped when he saw me.

Somethings wrong.

Kevin quickly stood up and approach me. Then dragged me upstairs.

"What's that about Kev?" I seek his answer.

"They'll tell you when time comes" he said with a blank face.

What are they hiding from me?

What's their conversation about?

Then Kuro bumped his head unto my leg, I squatted down and patted his midnight fur.

"You wouldn't hide anything from me right Kuro" I asked my pet cat.

"Meeoow" he said and purred.

"Thanks Kuro"



Just a few more days and Im back at the jungle. *sighs*

So I may or may not update as often.. so Im advance sorry.. and please forgive in advance.

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