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The trip to the hospital was long and uneventful, the bullet wound needed stitches. Every corner of the facility is painted white, thick smell of medicines and antiseptics are covered by the hollow scent of brewed coffee. Everyone was in a haste, somehow time managed to stop as I stared at my phone still waiting for him to reply. 

I stared at its plain darkness, waiting for it to glow brightly. 

"Darling, are you okay?" he asked with a gentle voice as he caress my long midnight hair. 

"Are you ready to go home?" I just nodded.

 No other words were said, just long and utter silence. I sat beside him the entire time. 

I felt my head getting heavier, I leaned my head on his shoulder. I can smell him, the smell of luxury, power and success. 

In four days time I'm going to marry this man for my life, but say goodbye to the man of my dreams. 

Warm tears flow through my eyes as I shut them.

"Don't worry darling, it'll be fine, I will always be right here, perhaps not as your knight or prince in shining armor, but together we can be great I'll be your sword and you'll be the shield" 

As the words passed by my ears, I fell asleep. 

Vince's POV 

I arrived at the tacky looking restaurant Red told me. It was a huge mess. Tables turned, chairs all over the place, broken glass and men lying on the ground. 

I saw her holding a cup of coffee, staring at her phone as if its a normal wonderful day, ignoring her surrounding. 

"Darling!" I shouted catching her attention. I walk towards her as I hold my gun tightly, I smiled at her slightly but her face have no emotions on it, Im like looking at a peace of blank canvas. I kissed her forehead and tuck some of her hair on her right ear, I saw blood oozing from her. 

"Im gonna take you to the hospital" she only nod in reply, she stood up and I helped her walk as I hold her on the small of her back. 

"Double the pay for the damages" I shouted to my men, they quickly followed and carried 3 briefcases from the cars, each with different men cuffed on them. 

She fell asleep on my shoulders, I stared at her perfectness, her jawline, her nicely sculpted nose, her lips.

Her lips.

How many men have kissed them?

Thinking that only made my blood boil. Especially the fact that she got hurt and I wasn't there to save her.

Why the fuck is there no one with her anyway?

Who is she with?

"Seriously Vincent you're thinking these now? How pathetic?" I mumbled to myself as I blame myself for not being with her on the time when she needed me most.

Then I saw Red shrugged as she moved on a more comfortable position and snuggled more closely to me.

Four more days princess.

For more days.

You'll no longer be a princess but my queen.

A legendary queen.

I carry her to my-- our bedroom. Bridal style. Flopped her on my bed and stared at her face, wounded.

Then I saw a path of dried tears on her face.

Was this here before the ride?

Why is she crying?

I pushed the thought aside and went to the bathroom to get some wet towel to clean her up but I suddenly noticed how tightly she held her phone. Which I have never seen before. She usually just toss it around and check it out for 3 hours a day in total, so she holding it tightly is really weird to see.

I caressed her hair gently feeling how tangled it is.

"Oh darling" I stared at her as if I was staring at her soul.

*Knock* *Knock*

There was a sudden knock at the door. The banging of it obviously says 'open the goddamn door' I quickly opened it.


"Where's Red? Is she alright? What happened? Wh.." she ranted but I stopped her midway through her sentence.

"Red is sleeping. It's been a long day. Can I just tell the entire story tomorrow?" I said while pretending to be tired, I just basically don't wanna talk about it.

"Sure dear" she said and fixed the collar of my shirt. "Good night"

"Good night mom".

I turned around and saw red sitting upright at the middle of the huge bed, staring blankly at the phone.

"How's your sleep darling? Are you feeling well?"

"Yes I'm fine, though my head hurts a bit"

"Are you sure?" I walked towards her and sat at the edge of the bed.

"Yes Vince I'm just shaky that's all"

"Good then"as I gave her a peck on her forehead.

"Thank you, I needed that" she suddenly whispered, so softly that you can barely hear it.

"Sorry for earlier"


"You know, for not being there"

"It's fine, it's really my fault"

"Why so?"

"Cause I left without telling anyone.."

"Why did you leave anyway?"

"Because I got bored all alone and I wanted some waffles"

"Well I can't blame you for that, it can be really lonely here in the estate"


"Just tell me next time you're leaving.. "


I was suddenly cut off by a stomach grumble. I saw her glow a shade of pink as she tried to bow he head down.

"I'm sorry. Im hungry" she said as she smiled weakly.

"It's fine I'll grab something to eat to keep that monster happy"

"I'll like that, thanks"

I went straight downstairs it's about two am so the maids are asleep the only ones that are awake are the guards surrounding the premises.

I grab a cup of cold coffee, because I know how she loves coffee no matter what time day it is. Some bread, fruits and spinach and half piece of fish fillet. To keep her meal balance.

I walked up stairs again balancing everything so things wouldn't go flying through everywhere.

I noticed that the room door is opened and heard her:

"It's weird that the person I dreamed of marrying one day is drifting away and away from me. And the person I barely do not know is the person I'm going to marry"

I tried to shake it off though it's quite painful. Especially coming from her mouth, it really stings.

I pretended I didn't heard anything as I balance the entire tray on one hand as I knock with the other.

"Come in" she said with the same sweet voice that just blew a whole in me.

"I brought early breakfast darling and some coffee" I said as I plastered a smile on my face.

"Thanks I was wishing you'll make some coffee but I'm too shy to ask"

"Oh darling its fine" I replied as I continue to watch her eat.

There's a long silence between us as if there are no words that can be said. My palms are sweating and I do not know why.

"So, do you still want to get married?"

I suddenly said without hesitation but after a couple of seconds i regretted saying that, because there is big chance she'll say 'no'.

I just can't lose her.

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