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Luke's POV

Scar and I are already in the cafe and waiting for our order. She's so exctited.  She's like a kid. If she's always like this no one will expect her to be the Mafia Princess much less the Red Reaper...the only living legend on the entire Pierre Mafia History. She's so amazing.. and deadly..but she's so a ray of sunshine.

"Here's your order sir" the waiter said and gave us our food.. Scar ordered strawberry -short cake and brown coffee while I order mocha cake and chocolate cake with dark coffee.

"Why do you order mocha and chocolate cakes" Scar said while eating a piece of her cake.

"Because I like both mocha and chocolate"

"I mean why do you have both of them"

"Because its so hard to choose between mocha and chocolate" I said to her while doing some hand gestures.

*tzzz* *tzzz*

Scar's POV

*tzzz* *tzzz*

My phone vibrated on my pocket and I quickly opened it carefully, the messege might be a mafia order to take someone down..I cant take the risk that someone might see the messege.

Hospital. Now.

As I read the content of the messege I got slightly alarmed by the messege. No one is at the hospital but Kevin..

What happened to him to make me go there urgently?

"Luke Im sorry but I gotta go" I said to him in a sad face.


"Business" I said and he gave a dissapointed look of 'okay'. I cant see him look like this. Ughh.

"Hey Luke are you okay?"I asked him but he just nodded.

"Hey how bout' I'll text you if I have time tonight and let's hang out..just you and me" I said in a  jolly voice.

"Sure princess" he finally said. I went outside the cafe and I see Eve there.

She bowed at me and opened the door.

She drived us all the way to the hospital and the entire drive has an awkward silence.

We arrived at the hospital after a hour long drive. I ran towards the door of Kevin's door and IN saw him...

"O-Oh my g-gosh.. K-Kevin.." I said between my sobs. Tears fall upon my eyes like a storm on a rainy day.

"...I'm sorry.. I'm so so sorry please forgive me please...please..I beg you please...forgive me Kevin. Please".


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