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Empire ( the sequel) by MorganLuckett
Empire ( the sequel)by Morgan Luckett
now you read the first half of the story but here comes the second half Cookie had her daughter named her Heaven now she's (6) and Morgan is now (10) see how life takes...
❝Baby girl, I'm gonna make you a star if that's the last thing I do. ❞ In which Ciara Lyon is destined to be a star, and won't let anyone get in the way of that. [EMPIR...
Mistress distress by PurpleEverest
Mistress distressby Alexandra
Falling in love with an attached man is dangerous. Falling in love with Lucious Lyon is catastrophic. Lolita suffered a trauma that made her lose hope but found her safe...
Serenity |Andre Lyon| by milanvuitton
Serenity |Andre Lyon|by l a l a🌻
In a family of six, in front of an international audience one question poses: How am I alone? Andre Lyon, older brother of two, college graduate, and CFO of his father's...
My Crown by JJ_Thato
My Crownby JJ_Thato
UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING!! One murder... One deal... One betrayal... One plan... One man... One crown... One name... She was a nobody who became a legend. This is the s...
The Emperor's Eighth Fiancée by so-nonchalant
The Emperor's Eighth Fiancéeby gee
+ STORY COMPLETE+ When His Imperial Majesty is described as being worse than Vlad the Impaler, it's hard to see why someone would choose to become his fiancée. Oh right...
Playing dirty (jamal love story) by JewelDeberry
Playing dirty (jamal love story)by JewelDeberry
Jamal has a secret. we all know he's dating Michael. but he is also has feeling for his best friend Chris. Jamal is playing a dirty game, can he tell his best friend how...
Empire of Ashes by Aellix
Empire of Ashesby Aellix
Lyra is just one in thousands of captives in a war that has raged for generations. Her homeland has been invaded by an ambitious new king, and she has lost everything...
Cookie and Luscious Love Story by tris_bella_clary_
Cookie and Luscious Love Storyby Skye
This is a alternate love story I'm gonna start off with parts from the original story.Yet it will start to turn into a alternate version where Luscious doesn't kill Bunk...
Rebuilding Our Empire by I_Give_Life
Rebuilding Our Empireby I_Give_Life
My Version of Season 5. The journey of newly remarried Cookie and Lucious and all the things they have to conquer if they want to get their company back and be stronger...
How To Tame An Empress by B_Zahin27
How To Tame An Empressby Bushra Zahin
She left my soul on fire with the sound of her laughter, she had my heart quaking with the beauty of her smile and she had me getting on my knees with the rest of her mi...
Empire Spinoff❤ by ZyProduct
Empire Spinoff❤by Slime shit💚/ Empire💛
When everything seems to start coming together for the lyons there's a dramatic turn of events that jeopardize Empire and Cookie and Lucious Relationship an meanwhile Lu...
Empire imagines by MiccahRenea
Empire imaginesby MiccahRenea
I own none of the images and videos that I may use in this book of imagines. This is imagines for foxes hit tv series Empire. Please enjoy and stay tuned.
Starstruck (Empire Story) by JewelDeberry
Starstruck (Empire Story)by JewelDeberry
Keshia had a hard life. she grew up with an abusive father after her mother died. She ended up jail because of her father. Once she was release from jail, hakeem ran int...
Lucious Lyons family by namcyqwe
Lucious Lyons familyby namcyqwe
So lucious always wanted a daughter he has one but when she starts acting up what is he gonna have to do to make her get back in line.
CRIMSON LILY by thelostwxnderer
Elisse Eveningstar has been living her life to please her family, but all she could receive was their resentment towards her. She was an illegitimate child of the Duke...
Lyon Legacy (DISCONTINUED) by LexiPotter-Malfoy
Lyon Legacy (DISCONTINUED)by LexiPotter-Malfoy
Aliyah Lyon the famous daughter of music guru Lucious Lyon and bad ass producer Cookie Lyon and sister to Andre , Jamal , Hakeem and a Star at empire records when cookie...
Breaking Point by Cloudy_Autumn
Breaking Pointby Cloudy_Autumn
Izuku Midoryia. a normal life but not a normal quirk... Midoryia had a loving mother who cared for him since the second she found out she was pregnant, and a father who...