My Will

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Luke's POV

Its already late at night and Im still here in Scar's house..its Friday night and we have our ussual movie together. We've been doing this since we're in 7th grade. And tonight we are watching HTTYD2 idea. So Im hanging here and its a perfect night.

"Astrids a very lucky girl" Scar said while stroking Kuro's furr gently.

"Well Hiccup is much much more lucky to have a girl as awesome as Astrid, you see she's very talented, strong, wise, and she's very...." Luke said then the door flung open.

"And she's very beautiful" Kevin said

"Im awesome" Scar said with a giggle

"Yes you are sis" Kevin said and gave us some more fries.

"You should sleep before 2 am ..okay?" Kevin said with opportunity

"Yes bro" I answered him and went to his room.

After an hour the movie is already over and she ready herself to sleep and I changes into my jammys.

She's wearing a red pajama pants and my black shirt. She likes over-sized shirts when she sleep. And she curled next to me

"Thanks for an awesome night, I really enjoyed it" she said fell under a sleep spell

"No prob... goodnight princess" I answered and kissed her forehead.

If only I could say to her that I trully love her, since when we are young. Since the day that she transfer in our school. Since that day.

Flash Back

"Hi Im Scarlett Pierre and Im 10 years old, I hipe we can all be friends"

"Who wanted to be friends with a killer" someone said.

"Im not a killer" young Scar said with a light sobbing

"Your family is a murderer and they could kill others.."

"How mean your family is a killer"

"No they are not..theyre kind and loving" Scar said in protest but the people arent listening to her. She's so young but she shouldered her pain inside.

"I think she's cute" I said and saw spark in her eyes.

"Thank you.. you saved me" she said in a silly way.

"No..err." Ive been cut off when she hugged me and continue sobbing.

"No problem Princess.. I'll always protect you, dont worry"

And since that day I became the Princess's knight. I hope she could be my princess and my queen.

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