Evening Sky

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Scar's POV

"What happened? What the hell happened while Im gone?"

"Milady ..its nothing" Eve said in a croaky voice.

"Nothing? Look at you." I said and hold both her arms "Eve who did this to you?"

"But.."she said and looked down

"Your like a sister to me, I hate it when I cant do anything for you" 

"But ...Im just doing my job milady" she said then tears flow from her pristine eyes. 

Something I've never seen before.

"And I order you to tell me, if you dont want to its alright" 

"Well, do you remember the day when something happened to the Queen" she said firmly and I nodded.

"A few days after that someone send a letter to Pierre Residence, a death treat on the entire Mafia. My dad was one at the front lines because its his choice. We didnt know it will end up like that. Everything went so fast. They manage to abduct my ... I .. I ...I tried to save him but its too late... I did my best yet its not enough"

"He died in the hands of the Legals.. they tortured him, even his corpse. They're monsters"

Tears flowed like a river from her eyes. 

"Im sorry Im not here when that happened"

"Its fine milady. I wish you a blessed wedding Princess" and with that we bid each other goodbye.

I walked the grand stairs slowly as I descend and stop at the family portrait of my family. Happy. Queen is sitting in a red throne. King behind her standing. Im on left side, while Kevin is in the right.

We stood with pride.

Tears fell at my eyes . Travelling from my eyes to my cheeks to my chin.

"Mommy? Give me some stength. Please" I whispered to myself . I took a deep breath and run to my motorcycle.

I drive as if I owe the entire road. No vehicles are seen just few of our guards and reapers, but other than that all I can see are endless wave of trees and asphalt.

Feeling the breeze in the only part of my body not restricted by anything. My hands.

The coldness of the air hits it like a taunting phantom.

I feel melancholy in my soul and fear in my heart.

Fear of how long this situation would last.

Fear of my family breaking apart.

Fear of not being with the people I love.

Fear of losing everything .

Fear of losing myself.

I arrived at the Guardian Angels Private Hospital almost 6:00 in the evening.

I went inside and directly to my mother's room.

Inside there was a huge drape curtain in a Maroon like color, and white silky bed, television, small fridge, and two side tables with vases filled with exotic looking flowers.

Mom is connected to an oxygen tank and her heart beat closely monitored. 

Kevin is sleeping beside her ,on a chair .

Four armed guards are waiting outside the room and CCTV 's are all over the place.

Three armed inside and Two beside the balcony.

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