Vincent Del Valle

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I woke up in a huge bedroom painted in a sweet shade of crimson red. The huge bed is like restricting me from getting up. It felt so comfortable. Then I heard footsteps getting nearer and nearer. I sat upright and the door twist a bit. I ready myself for an attack so I can defend myself.

But when the double doors flung open a man appeared with a bright smile.

"Oh your awake Princess. Did you sleep well?" He asked as he gestured some maids to come inside. One of them is pushing a silver cart.

"I slept really well, thanks" I slightly smile. "Im just going to wash my self first" I told him and got up.

I went to the bathroom and look at my refection at the huge mirror and I look terrible. I cuff my palm in front of my face a slightly blow a breath.
"Darn, what the heck died in my mouth?"

I was about to take my toothbrush when I realize Im at Vince's house.
I open a small gap at the bathroom door.

"Is there anything wrong Scar?" Vince asked in a worried face.

"Umm..Do you have a spare toothbrush that I can use?" I asked him

"Shirley would you please get a new toothbrush for Scarrlet" he said and the brown-haired maid left the room quickly return, with a three different coloured brushes, a blue, a white and a red. I picked the red one and smiled at the maid.

I wash my face letting the cold water kiss my pale face. I brush my teeth quickly and combed my hair. Then I quickly went back.

I saw Vince preparing something on the tray.

"Sit back there again darling" he said and pointed to my position earlier. So I climb the huge queen size bed again.

It was so comfortable. I put my comforter and slighly smile on how comfortable it is.

"What would you say on breakfast in bed?" Vince said as he served something on a silver tray. Then he put it above my lap. The legs of the tray stood firm on the soft cushion of the huge-queen-size bed.

"That smells good Vince" I said as I took a sniff on the arauma of the meal he's serving me.

"I hope you like soup" he said and lifted the cover.

"It looks really tasty" I said and took my spoon and slowly took a sip of the pumpkin soup. It was devine. It look simple yet mesmerizing. The flavours dance inside my mouth.

"This soup is amazing" I said to him with a huge smile.

"Im glad you like it because soups are the only thing Im good at in the kitchen" he told me with a sheepish smile.

"Well if thats the case I can either teach you how to cook more things or eat soup for the rest of my life" I said to him as I slurp the soup.

"I think you should go for the second option because everything I cook always end up a charcoal" he slightly laugh and hold the back of his head.

"Well how about lets try to have some cooking lessons for you later?" I said and finished up my soup. He nodded on my request and smile.

"You should get yourself ready, we have to go to the market first" he said and cleaned up my meal. I just nodded in respond as he left the huge room.

I flopped back down on the huge bed.

"I miss Kuro" I whispered to myself and sling myself up. I went to the bathroom and strip my clothes off. I enjoyed the cold shower I took.

And then I realize something. I dont have any spare clothes.

I quickly took a towel and wrap it upon my dripping wet body.

I opened the door and I was surprised when I saw variaties of clothing on top of the bed. Theres dresses, skirts, tanktops, croptops, shorts, leggings, shirts, sleevesless, but no pants.

I was about to get the white leggings when I saw a black short. I took and wear some undies. I tried the shorts on and grabed a plain gray shirt. Then I grabbed some flat shoes.

I look at the mirror and just combed my hair. I took my gun, keys and my phone.

I opened the door but realized it was locked.

"This is peculiar" I said to myself. I grabed my phone and called Vince. But no one answered.

I sat at the bed, patiently waiting for Vince to return.

Then three knocks was heard on the huge wooden door. I stood up and saw Vince wearing a grey hoodie and denim pants.

"Are you ready?" He asked me with a really bright smile.

"Yes" I said and smiled back at him. His smile is so comforting.

"Vince can I ask you something?" I said as we walked down their glorious staircase

"Yes ofcourse darling" he said and look at me.

"Well can we visit Luke a little bit later" I asked him. Then I remembered that Luke and Vincent dont really get along. This would be awkward.

"Sure darling, but you should make a call to let him know we're visiting him" He said and smiled at me.

"Thanks" I said and quickly grabbed my phone but Vince quickly took it from my hands.

"You know texting and staircases dont really go together, you might get into an accident darling" I just nodded and followed him on walking down the stairs.

We went straight to the car and Vince sat at the driver's seat and drove away from their mansion.

I grabbed my phone and texted Luke:
Dude are you home?

I waited a while and I heard my phone rang, a got a text message from Luke.

Yeah. Why?

I quickly replied

Me and Vince are planning to visit you later

I waited for his respond but he didnt reply.

We reach the market and still he doesnt reply.

I constantly look at the screen of my phone and I think Vincent notices it.

"Is something wrong darling?" as we walk towards the fish aisle

"Umm nothing Vince its just that Luke hasn't replied on my text" I said as I put my phone back to my pocket.

"So anyway what do you want to cook?" I asked him while he pushed the cart.

"I always wanted to try something from a foreign country" He said as he look at some fishes.

"How about sushi" I said and grab a cold tray of fillet fish.

"Umm..sure I haven't tasted a home made sushi so yeah Im glad to make some sushi" he said and put the tray of fish fillet on our cart.

We spent hours on shopping for groceries and the rest of the morning making sushi and eating them. The simple things we did the entire make me forget a while all the dilemmas I felt and all the tragedies I've been.

Im glad Vince is by my side. With him by my side I feel like Im safe and secured. Its not love but Im happy to be with him. To be with Vincent del Valle.

I lied to my heart because thought you've felt it. You cant light a fire if the candle's melted. And you dont have to love me if you dont wanna ~MaroonV~


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