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Kevin's POV

Its very early in the morning but im here in the field to "clean up" some flaws i  the mafia. Im here with my father and he's talking to a tall man wearing a dark-grey suit and he's wearing a kabuki mask. I start walking towards them then I heard they're conversation.

"The government is already behind your back. You have to watch your back and become stronger" the masked guy said.

"But the mafia is already invincible we cant be touched by just somebody" I said with a blank face.

"I know but the Del Valle might catch up to you if you dont get stronger immedietly" the masked guy added

"How?" Dad said

"I dont know, but you should figure it out fast or else it might become harder and harder for your mafia to move" he said and went inside his car. "And please tell it to me if you ever have an idea" he said and the car drive off.

Dad walked straight to the car and I followed him. The cars we used quickly followed our tail with two cars ahead of us and three behind us. Antonio is the one driving our car while Alfred is sitting at the front. It took about an our to reach the Pierre Mansion. The whole ride was quiet and I think father is worried.

When we reached home Scar and Mom is watching a cooking show and mom is listing down tips on how to become a better cook.

"Darlings your already home" mom said and stood up and kisses our cheecks.

"Im gonna grab some snacks" mom walked towards the kitchen and dad followed her perhaps they're going to discuss the problem.

"Father is worried..why?" Scar suddenly said while grooming Kuro.

"Its just about the biggie lil sis" I answered her and sat beside her and kissed her forehead.

"Can I tell you something Kev?"

"Ofcourse can tell me everything" I smiled and she smiled back.

"You stink really bad. You know I love hanging out with you but this is torture to my nose. Im sorry but I love to hang out with you after you shower" she said with an apologizing face. She have an advance instincts one of the reasons why she is one of the most terrified reapers but the story about her is just a legend. Nobody if the "red reaper" is true and she is great dancing under the pale moon. But I still worries about her.

"Haha sure Im just gonna take a quick shower" then I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower.

And the entire time I cant erase the thought of me being too weak to protect anyone... the doubt of others getting hurt like Mirage.

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