Chapter 4: Black Roses

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Kevin's POV 

My lil' sister shouldn't step a foot in this kind of school..this school is very dangerous its not like I dont her abilities and skills trust me she's a killing machine but her enemies she could met here will do anything legal or illegal, humane or inhumane to delete  her from the face of the world..and as her big brother I dont want that.. I love my little sister.. she's like an angel given by heaven and blessed by a devil.. she's a perfect successor of our family and losing her will be a disaster.. so I must protect her..

Im always hanging with my group the Black Roses and today we hang out at the cafeteria at our ussual location my sister often hang out with us or just take long walks with her bestfriend Luke. When we went to the cafeteria few people were there so we just sat down and talk since no one was ther we talked loudly. Then somebody opened the door was Scar and Luke.

"Lil 'Sis!" I waved to her and she shouted then she smile at me, she was holding two plastic bags as well as Luke. Then my two friends Ivan and Jake helped her carry them. Ivan and Jake are cousins Ivan's dad is a Vice president of Lusall Group of Company while Jake's dad is his right hand.

"Thanks guys" Scar said as she and Luke walked on the way to us. 

"What's in the bag sis?"I asked her curiously. 

"Canned beer, one for each of you" then she handed them all out

"You cant drink alcohol lil'sis" I said to her with a serious face. Even thought our family is a mafia organization women are banned on alcohol specially my sister because my mother dont like to see women drinking..they can only drink wines but beer is a big no no..

"I know bro, thats why me and Scar will be drinking Canned Softdrinks" Luke said with a sheepish smile.

"What? Luke you could drink beer if you wanted to" Scar said as she offered Luke a can of beer.

"No, then you'll be the only not drinking beer"

"No worries I have cake!" Scar said with a piece of Red Velvet cake on her hand, her favorite.

"Where the heck did you get that?" Luke said in a jealous tone.

"I bought them earlier while you were getting all the drinks" she said and took bite.

"That's so unfair" Luke said like baby.

"Do you want some bro?" She asked me but I just said no coz' that was her favorite and she took another bite.

"Do you want some Luke?"

"Yes, can I have the whole cake?" Luke said to Scar with a childish smile on his face.

"Sure! with pleasure" Scar said and dumped the remaining cake on Luke's face he was a mess...sticky mess.

"Scarlett!!" Luke shouted loudly and Scar started running..they're acting like children.. and all of us are just laughing our butts off.. Scar runs toward the cafeteria door then bumped into someone...Ramon, the right hand of the Goled Lilies. 

"Oh..why is there a brat running around here?" Ramon picked her up easily he's taller and stronger than my litlle sister, Im slightly alarmed and stood up but when I saw Scar's eyes I know she can handle it.

"Im not a kid Ray-Ray, so put me down!" Scar said on Ramon's face, she's the only one calling him Ray-Ray as a sense of teasing.

"You stupid brat!" then Ramon throw her off causing her to crash on the soid floor. WE rushed in to helped her.

"Dont worry I can take down Ray-Ray" she said with a smile on her face.

"I wanna see you try, Brat!" Ramon said and took a knife from his pocket. He start to walk to Scar closer and closer while swaying his knife all around but Scar isn't doing anything, she was just standing she was's just confident she'll win.

Then Ramon attacked her with his knife but Scar dodged it quickly she took her knife from her back pocket and attacked Ramons arm causing it to bleed and Ramon shouted in pain..Ramon tried to attack again but my sister's instinct is quite advance and she is very fast so she always win on gang fights..she even got her alias "Red Death" because no one was able to defeat her and they always lose close to death.

Ramon attack Scar with his knife left and right but she always dodges them and Scar knee-kick Ramon's abdomen and he bleeded out then he droped on floor bleeding cursing my lil' sis..

"Guess I win Ray-Ray.. Its really fun playing with you" Scar said and walked toward me.

"Do you think its all a game Brat?" Ramon said as he stood shakingly. 

"But ofcourse, its all a big game where your life is on the line" 

"Your too young for this" 

"Its not about the age, its bout the skills you have" she said and smile at me 

"Its not about the skill, its about the kill!" Ramon shouted in anger. 

"How can you kill if you dont have the skill to do it?" she said calmly and threw a knife to Ramon slicing his left cheek and he stood there frozen in fear. And the whole gang just walked out of the cafeteria shocked on how they were defeated by a girl. 

As a leader I know she can handle her fights and I know she can win but as her brother Im always scared of losing her and I always wanted to protect her from anything so in the end of her fights I always hugs her tightly and whisper to her "Thats my sister, great job" and she always smiles at me with her eyes saying 'I can be strong if I wanted to' 

She might be strong on the outside but inside she's as fragile as glass .. 

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