My Friend Lucas

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Luke's POV

Its been ages when since I saw my princess- Scar. I really miss her. Specially her stubbornness. So when I received a messege from her, I can feel my heart jolt. But it went when I saw she's with Vincent. I mean why the hell is he with that guy.

My gut said don't ever trust him..but I seriously dont know why.

Im too bombed out of what just Scar texted me.

I want to see her. But not with Vince

I want to hang out with her, I miss her smile. I miss her scent. I miss her laugh. I miss the way her hair flow upon the wind.

I miss every little thing about her.

All her flaws that seem so perfect.


Im starting to be so...cheesy


I was sitting at the second floor balcony of my room. Just looking at the flower garden near below.

Then I felt my phone vibrated at my pocket.

I received another text messege from Scar:


Then I quickly reply:


After staring at my phone for a whole minute she finally replied:

Can I go to your house?

"I? Did that mean she's going here alone without Vince?" I said to myself.

I quickly texted her back

How 'bout Vincent?

Darn. My guts really hate that name.

He cant come

Great. Finally Scar and I can have some bonding time together.

Good see you later Scar

Excitement is clearly seen in my eyes.

Im miss my bonding time with Scar.

Scar's POV

"Are you sure? I could always skip work darling" Vince said for the fifth time. He doesn't really like the idea of ne going to Luke's house. Alone

"Vince your dad said its an emergency, remember" I said as I tie the shoelaces of my shoes.

"Im sure they can handle it without me" he blunted again.

"You have to help your dad. I'm fine" I said and patted his shoulders.

"Should I give you a ride to Luke's house?" he suggested as we waltz down the stairs.

"No thanks Im gonna ride my motorcycle" I said and continue walking to towards my motorcycle.

"Are you sure you're gonna be fine darling?" He asked me again and handed me my helmet.

"Yes Im sure" I said and let the engine of my motorcycle roar as im getting further and futher away from Del Valle mansion.

Its a 45 minute drive to Luke's house. And as I was approaching my destination I can see there house. I suddenly feel warmth and comfort just seeing their cozy house.

Its a simple house painted white and a dark shade of grey. It has a pool at the back and a simple garden. Inside is sophisticatedly designed.

I parked my motor at near the front door. And when I was about to knock. A pale-ish man hugged me and I can feel his breath unto my head. His hair is still dripping and his smell is relaxing.

"Scar I miss you" he said and that made me smile a bit

"I didn't missed you at all Lucas" I said and slightly pushed him and he pouted.

"That really hurt you know" he said and pretend to wipe tears from his eyes.

"Scarlett? Ahh Im right. I thought I heard you" a woman around her early 40's said. Her hair is black unlike Luke's hair. Her face shows a slight ray of age, specially the wrinkles near her eyes and mouth.

"Hello untie, how are you?" I asked with a weak smile

"Im fine, how bout' you dear?"

"Im fine" I said and smile at her

"Im going to my friend's house Lucas, mind staying home?" Untie asked while getting a white hat from the stand.

"Yeah mom" He said and pushed me to go upstairs. I heard the door closed and a car engine ignite and slowly fade to distance.

Lucas POV

I opened the door of my room and Scar quickly jumped on my bed. My room is messing, clothes are dumped everywhere and game consoles are here and there. Soda cans, pizza boxes and wrappers are filfth in many places. Yet she still smile like she see a garden of flowers.

"So wanna watch some movie?" She said.
"What movie?" I asked and look at my tower of movie disks
"Random?" She said and grab a fish bowl full of folded paper. Its what me and Scar do when we cant decide what movie to watch.
"Okay you pick" she said and close my eyes and grab a piece. Opens it. And Voila!
"What did you get?" She asked and sat next to me.
"As in Frozen?!"
"Yes frozen"
"Why do you even have a movie like that Luke?" She asked in a teasing tone.
"Hey dont judge" I said and press the play button of the player.

We spent the next few hours watching Frozen. And ofcourse we have to sing along to Let it Go. After the movie we went to the balcony and just watch the stars. This moment is perfect.

I can tell Scar what I feel about her and also find a way to help her family.

"Luke?" She said

"Yes Princess?"

"Can I tell you something?" She said in a shaky tone. I have a feeling I wont like what will she said next.

"Sure Scar" I said putting a weak smile

She took a deep breath and open her mouth. The next thing she said took me by surprise. Like my whole world exploded.

Why would she do something like that?

Blahhh Blahhhh Blahhhh
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