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Red's POV

"So, do you still want to get married?"

He sudden said and I was completely off guard. I was about say 'yes absolutely' but the words just choked me.

Resisting to come out.

"Are you?" The only respose I could say.

"I think so"

"Vince?" I said and look down. I wanted to tell him that I'm not ready for this. Heck I never even had a boyfriend before and now I'm jumping on a marriage.

"What is it darling?"

"I...I'm scared" with a croaky voice I stated my feelings about everything.

As he pulled me close for a tight comforting hug and whispered so softly;"Don't be scared darling, I'm here".

People think that because I'm a 'living legend' or the 'Mafia princess', 'the Jewel of the Pierre' or 'the Red Reaper' I don't get scared.

But I'm terrified almost every day.

Every mission I go through. I'm not ready to die.

I'm willing to sacrifice my life for the Mafia specially for my family.

But I still get terrified in most of my missions. I..

He suddenly pushed me away and stood up so fast I was shocked on what just happened.

"Hello?" I heard Vince said through his phone and he burst out the door.

I just sat there eating my breakfast after a couple of minutes he came back to get two coats.

"Darling which is better this?..." He said and lift a black coat "...Or this?" It's still a black coat

It's the same.. I whispered to myself.

"Umm.. what's the event?"

"It's a meeting with a very special business man"

"The first one then" honestly I can't tell them apart

He quickly put it on and stare at himself at the mirror for a good minute.

His back is well sculpted even under his shirt and coat. You can see his build clearly from head to toe, he looks like a Greek God, Ares or Apollo is good comparison.

"How do I look darling?" He said and wink at me, I quickly turned red, something I don't usually do.

" Divine" I said out of panic

"Divine?? You're starting to sound like mom darling, anyways I have to go, I'll be back later tonight OK?" He said and kissed my forehead.

"Don't wonder around too far this time" he said as he went out the door.

I flopped backwards and suddenly hit the head board by accident.

Shit shit shit. Oh glob that hurts.

"Ugghh graceful move Scarlett" as I hold my head from the pain and I turned to my side forgetting I have a tray of food at my lap. It quickly flew to the floor screaming a loud bang and shattering of the glass wares.

A maid quickly burst through the door and rushed to my side.

"Are you alright ma'am?" She asked and I just nodded and smiled slightly. "I'm going to get a broom" she added and haste to went outside the room.

"Wow I'm really clumsy today.." I said as I stare at the mess I made, I rolled towards the other side of the bed sadly I over turned and landed with a thump. ".. a cold shower should wake up my system"

I went to bathroom, its pristine white and well decorated, I head towards the shower and strip my clothes off. I stood in front of the shower head just staring at the cold water dripping at the white floor.

Suddenly I felt warmth on my cheeks, flowing to my chin.

I'm crying.

I covered my mouth to restrict the sobs and gasp from escaping me. My knees felt like noodles, feeling like my entire body suddenly got heavier and they couldn't support them. I kneel on the cold floor, my hair is getting wet as I continue crying for some unknown reason.

Why did I started crying? I don't know, but after some time I stop sobbing and reclaim my poise, I was glad I cried, it felt like I took a burden off shoulder.

I don't need to be adamant all the time. Sometimes, I need to taste vulnerability in order to be invincible.

I walked out of the shower and do my usual routine. Brush my hair, put on comfy clothes, a bit of foundation, eyeliner, maybe some mascara and some lip tint and quickly go downstairs.


I ignored the voice calling me and stopped midway of the stairs to look at myself at the hug mirror.

Im not narcissistic I swear.

"You know you could've put more effort at doing your hair once in a while Scarlet" Yes I am talking to myself.

"Well today is not the day for that, even if I said that yesterday and the day before that.." talking to yourself is normal

"..I cant please everyone alright, accept that bitch!" I hope.

Then the moment I turn around.

There in front of me stood a woman with an outstanding physique. She stood with grace and beauty, she could be a model, heck she can be a goddess.

Her hair along her mid-back framing her face perfectly, he brows are well done however the rest of her face doesnt look like they are painted by no means.

Lips plump like just made out with someone for hours straight.

"Hello baby girl!" she said as she hugged me.

wait what?!

"Urmm.. Ah.. hello?" I said as I stood there like log

"You are so freaking adorbs!" she said making the hug tighter.

Im still a log.

I cant even move.. I dont even know what to do.


Then a pig-like snort echoed all over the room.

Then everything went silent.

The angel in front of me quickly disappear.

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