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Scar's POV

I white pristine knife zoomed unto me but I quickly dodged it right on time. But Kevin didn't manage to. His right arm bleed all the way to the mansion. I smell black brewed coffee-dad's favorite, so my guess he's doing some legal paperwork. Kevin needed his wound treated but he said he will ask dad's help, so I ran upstairs then Kuro followed me as always.

I opened my room and took some clean clothes-a black tee shirt, a black shorts and undergarments.

I strip my clothes off and walked to the shower. I let the mesmerizing cold flow down my bare spine. Letting my midnight-black-longhair be soaked by the cold wet liquid. Then I fell my stomach asks for food, rumbling telling me I urge for something to eat. I grab my towel and let it cover my body. I walk outside the bathroom and grab my clothes. Once more I felt my tummy rumble.

"Gosh I'm starving" I sighed to myself and see my foodboard schedule. Mom always puts on a schedule board so we can request what we wanted everyweek. And today is..

"Pasta day?.. hmm not bad" I said to myself. Then I combed my hair and look at my red vanity mirror. Then I realized that  I used up all the rosemary and thyme. Mom always use Rosemary and Thyme on her pasta. She said it taste awful and incomplete without them.

'We will make them loose their focus ofcourse, bad enough to make them loose their minds and loose the mafia too'

I recall a Legal said earlier.

Loose our focus.

Loose our minds.

Loose our mafia.

Please tell me I'm freakin' wrong.

I ran downstairs and saw Kevin and dad. I can fell my body urging to see mom

"Where's mom?!" I shouted at dad.

"Hey Sis dont talk li.." Kevin said but I cutted him off.

"Just tell me where the hell is mom?!" I shouted again desperation is clearly seen in my voice.

"In the market she ju.." dad said but cutted off when Scar turned around.

"Shit. Shit. Shit" I reapeatedly curse to myself. I grab my guns at the table and my helmet with cat ears for decoration. I hop to my motorcyle as I quickly ride off.

"Come on..Come on .. baby a little bit faster" I whispered to my black-soundless-motor. I'm already riding nearly 300km/p but I don't mind the danger of what I'm doing.

I need to see my mom right now.

Alive and breathing.

I grab my phone and dialed one of the numbers in speed dial.

I could hear my phone ringing and my body trembling.

"Hello baby? What's wrong I'm at the market right now. Do you want something?" A sweet feminine voice answered my call from the other line.

"Nothing mom. Just wanted to say to always be careful" I said. Panting is clearly heard from my croaking voice.

"Ofcourse and I hope your not driving right now. You might yourself hurt" she said so I stopped the motor and just sat on it. Engines off I can hear my heart beat slows down a bit.

"Yes mom" I said "Mom?"

"Yes darling?"

"Mom I want to say I love you so much, we all do and thank you for being there for me and sorry for all that we did. Mom don't forget t-that o-okay? Mom?" I said to her. My eyesight is starting to get blury as liquid started to leak out of my eyes. I can't stop them from flowing.

"Darling I love you too.. I'm proud of you be.."


A gunshot? No! That can't be!

"Marge!" Mom said on the end of the line. Shock is clearly heard from her voice. I quickly turn on the engine and starts racing. Hoping I'm not too late.

"Mom? Mom?" I said to her pleading to her safety.


A second gunshot was heard. And I can hear screaching noises on the other line.

No! My body is trembling. i heard gunshots all the time. But this time its not the same. I can't think straight. I just want to curl up on a ball and cry my heart out.


I'm already at the hospital with dad and Kevin. I just cried and cried almost an hour now. When I arrive at the parking lot of the market area.  I saw people gathering around.

And in the middle of  the crowd, lying a woman bathing in red liquid.
There's too many people here. I cant see things and move freely.

I hope mom isn't inside that car.

I took my gun and aim at the floor. I pulled the triger and people started screaming and running to here and there. They are panicking everywhere.

I walk towards the body soaked in blood an touch her pulse. No pulse. Marge is dead. She is one of the best bodyguards we ever have.

She never fails to protect the Queen.

The Queen.


I saw her in the car. Holding her phone. Tight. Tears ran down my eyes.

That painful moment kept on haunting me.

What if I told dad and Kevin about my guess on the Legals plan?

What if I never called mom and just drove faster?

What if I never stopped driving and just drive?

What if??

What if.....

'What if' -such a painful word -said when everythings done and cant be returned -when you want to go back to the past...but can't.


I can clearly see that dad is heartbroken. Je lost one of the best guards-Marge. And his Queen is fighting her battle for her life.

Im still holding mom's phone. The former white cover on turns a shade of red- from blood remorse.

I scan the phone and look for some kind of  a clue.

But what I found was something much, much more... tears suddenly flowed from my eyes.



So yeah I've been tryin' to update but cant because of the schedule of me.. and probably get alot worse. Hope not. Anyways check out my new book Im starting to make, titled Dear Ms. Sadist.


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