New Kid

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Luke's POV

"I cant believe you ate my only piece of toast" Scar said while she drink her pineapple juice.

"I didn't ate breakfast you know" I said while Im driving us to school. I always drive her to school and drive her home too.

"Thats not a good excuse for stealing mine!" she slightly pouted. She's so damn cute.. and deadly.

"Are you angry?" I asked in a soft tone but she didn't answer. Yup she is angry.

'Good work Luke you made your princess angry' my subconscious told me.

"I'll buy you some chocolate cake later" I said trying to bribe her. But she didn't even answer.

"How bout' strawberry short cake?" Thats her favorite anyways.

"With coffee" she said and smiled at me.

"Ofcourse.. lets go to a coffee shop later" I said and parked at an empty parking lot then she let out a small giggle.

I carry her bag pack on the way to the classroom. I always sat by the window and Scar will sit at the table on my right side, the table next to her is empty. Good thing too.

When we arrive at our room, its already too noisy. Some are boasting about their company..showing their new phones and sluts are in the room ..uggh.

Well me and Scar just talked about our plans for the afternoon..she's so excited.

"Okay everyone please sit down" Sir Randolf said. A man on his late 30's or early 40's. With a well-combed grey coloured hair. His husky voice filled the room.

"You have a new classmate today" he said and everyone started whispering

...well everyone except Scar. Then a man walked into the room wearing a black jacket and denim pants and Converse shoes.

"Hello everyone Im Vincent Del Valle, only son of Frederic Del Valle owner of Del Valle corp." He said with a touch of pride in his voice.

"Well.. welcome to our class Mr. Del Valle you can sit anywhere you want to" said Sir Randolf.. there' s three vacant seats in the room and no one likes to sit beside a daughter of the mafia king.

Everyone was at the state of shock when Vincent chose the seat beside Scar. And he smiled at her. He freakin smiled at my princess. I can feel my blood boiling.

Through out class I can see hi staring at Scar. I hate it. So Im really thankful when lunch time already came. I quickly grab Scar's hand all the way to the cafeteria.

"Luke is there something wrong?" She asked in a worried voice.

Scar's POV

"Luke is there something wrong?" I ask him and I can hear worry in my omn voice. I got all suspiscious on how he is acting lately and I am worried somethings wrong with him.

"No Im fine Scar" an obvious lie. 

I didn't push him to tell me the truth. So I just nodded in respond. We got to our different table-just the two of us because Luke have...problems at the moment. I dont want him to be irritated so we got a seperate table away from the gang. 

We walked towards the table were gonna sit on while Luke is carrying our tray of food. I got a piece of cake --strawberry short cake ofcourse and a canned soda while Luke have a piece of pizza and soda. We didn't got much food so we just shared the tray.

 We sat down at the table and silently eat our lunch. I can sense something is wrong but I dont know what it is. 

"Scar.. I know your worried about me.. and Im sorry for that, but trust me Im okay" he suddenly said out of the mist. I was about to answer him when someone cutted me off.

"Hi Red, can I sit here?" a warm smile is painted on his face. He's aura is so welcoming and nice. 

"Ask Luke if you can" I said and pointed to Luke.

"Sure men"

"Sorry for barging in your table but I dont know anyone and its sad to be alone" Vince said while scratching his head. He lay down his tray on the table and started to eat it. Vince and Luke started a conversation together while Im focusing on my half-eaten cake. It was so peaceful when I suddenly felt tension between them. 

"What is Scar to you?" Luke said in a serious tone.

"She's my friend that helped me hang on when Im ready to let myself go" Vince said. Heck this guy can be a poet.

"What is Red to you" Vince returned the same question to Luke.

"She's my one and only princess" If Im one of those flirty girls at school I might be squelling now from what Luke said.

"Why do you call her Scar if she's your 'princess'" Vince said. Gosh this thing is getting out of hand.

"Because I wanted to!" Luke said I can clearly see that he's irritated at the situation and so is Vince, they're just controling their temper ...and voices.

"But a scar is a wound from the past!" Vince.

"Then why do you call her Red!?" Luke.

Ughh.. seriously? This is getting nowhere.

"Because she's as lovely as the colour red" Vince.

"But red also means war and hatred" Luke.

Those two was gonna say something again but I stomp my fork at the table causing them to shut up.

"Will you two stop acting like childrens! So what if one of you calls me Red and the other Scar? And what if those names have a bad perspective huh? Red may be the color of hatred, war and anger but its also the color of love and happiness. Scars are the painful wounds of the past but its also the reminder that you survived the tragedy. Everything have a dark side, everyone just have to learn to accept them and always see a brighter side of things" I said to them loud and clear I was amazed at my speech I seriously dont know where that came from. as in seriously.

Luke's POV

Classes are already over and me and Scar is now walking on the hallway on our way to the garage so we can go to the coffee shop as I promise her. I dont make promises if I cant do then. Rulea might be ment to be broken but promises aren't. Vincent and I are now friends..barely because we might crossed Scar if we dont. And we might lose her if we continue fighting.


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