Chapter 3: Behemoth University

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"Milady! Milady! Wake up" Eve's voice echoed in my head "Milady it's almost time for school" she added.

"Im quite aware of that Eve and Im planning to sleep mo....'' I was cutted off when Kuro suddenly jumped on my tummy and meowed at me. 

"Goodmorning Kuro" I said to him in a sleepy voice. Since Im awake now I went straight for a bath and change into any clean available clothes. I chose to wear a black shirt,a denim shorts and my favorite pair of Converse with a grey hoodie. Then I ran downstairs and both Kuro and Eve followed me there. 

"Goodmorning sweetie" mom said to me while eating some bacon and orange juise.

"Good morning mom" I answered and kissed her cheek "where's dad?" I asked her.

"At work sweetie" she quickly answered then Kevin appeared and grabbed a piece of bacon. 

"Good morning mom" He said while chewing the bacon. 

"Darling, please dont eat when your mouth is full"  Then Kevin swallowed his food "Sorry Mom" 

I sitted at the chair next to mom and started eating. "Im going to school early today, bye sis" then he kissed my forehead. 

"Be careful Kevin" mom said then he Kevin kissed moms cheek 

"Ofcourse mom"

Then the doorbell rang, "I'll get it" Kevin said while Alfred is following him close behind. 

"Hey Good morning Bro. Where's Red?" Luke asked and bro-fisted with Kevin

"In the dining room" he answered and get inside his black car accompanied with bodyguards and he went to school. 

"Goodmorning Red" Luke greated me, He's the only friend I have, he's very rich knowing he's the only heir of his family and the next one to hold his family business. He's a handsome man with a black hair and almond eye's 
"Oh, goodmorning Mrs. Pierre, when did you came home?" He said and took the the last bacon on my plate.
"Hey" I pouted at him but he just smile at me.
"Yesterday, we should've invited you, hows you parents?" Mom asked him
"Their doing fine Madam"
"We better get going mom"I said and stand up
"Ofcourse darling, be careful"
Then we went straight for school. Its looks like an angelic school outside but inside its a devil ground.. Its a school for rich kids so education rate here is low but most of the students are drop-dead geniuses.. some are sons and daughters of Bussines Managers, CEO's ..but im different Im a daughter of a Mafia King and here my big brother is one of the most scary guy, he is a leader of one of the most feared group.. the Black Roses and they're most brave rivals are the Golden Lilies.. names are weird huh... but those name we're passed through generations and generations and our grandpapa is the first leader who held the Black Roses 

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