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Then I heard a load engine closing by.

What?! How is there a vehicle in here!?

In my sanctuary!!

Is it the Legals?

Adrenaline kicked in inside of me

Have they followed me?

My entire system react quickly and my senses are on the hype

God please no.

As I swallow my fear and put a mask on...

Help me. brave mask on.

I feel my knees shivering but I still stand tall. I grab my pistols and hide behind a tree. 

I relax my heartbeat, from haste into mellow. My senses are quite sensitive because of the adrenaline. 

Good thing my motor is parked quite far. It wouldn't blow away my cover. I can still have the element of surprise

I heard the car slowed to a stop and readied my gun. One in my hand and the other still my thighs hidden under my black flowing dress.

"Damn I miss this place.." a guy said. 

I know that voice!

As he emerged from the car. He is wearing a denim pants and a crumpled-long-sleeve shirt his hair is messy as usual. And then tears blurred my vision as I realize who the intruder is. Lucas.

"Lucas?" I said as I came out of hiding. My hands still clenching the gun. Tight. 

"Sc..Princess" He said and his eyes lit up as he saw my face. 

"What are you doing here?" I said forcing a weak smile.

"Nothing, I just can't sleep I gu.." he stopped as he saw my gun"...why are you holding a gun?"

"Umm.. this? Yea. I thought you're an intruder so, you know, yea" I said in an awkward manner. 

"Well geez stop waving it around. I might piss myself because of you" 

And with that he brought a smile to my face again. Typical Knight. 

"So how's living there with Mr. Del Valle?" he said as he sat at the grasses Near in the pond as he threw a pebble and watch the ripples left behind by the disturbance on the calm-clear pond. 

"Its fine. But living in the Pierre Estate is still better" 

"I see. And how about the wedding plans?" His voice cracked.

"Um, its going great. I guess. I'm not really the one planning it" 

He just nodded my head. 

"And your birthday? its only 5 days away.." he stopped and swallowed a lump on his throat"..What are your plans Princess?" 

"Well I'm not sure,Vincent is planning a birthday party for me, I think. You should come" I said and smiled. 


"You should come" 


Silence grew between us. 

An uncomfortable silence.

One of the loudest silence I heard. 

"Remember when my 10th birthday?.."  he said snapping me back to reality. 

Breaking the ere of silence.

"...when you slipped and crash your face on my chocolate cake?" he said and let  out a small giggle. 

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