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Scar's POV

I stretched my arms and sat down at the grass..Im about to take my helmet off when suddenly...


A voice roared at the near distance. I got alarmed and took my pistol and attached a silencer at the end. There's only one thing ringing on my mind.
Who the fuck said that?!
What the heck is he doing at my sanctuary?!

I silently walk towards the where the noise came from.. I walked nearer and nearer and saw a guy tossing stones on the emerald pond making ricochet or ripples.

"Why the hell do they want me to marry her! I dont even know who is" the man said. He looks very furious about something.

"Ughh!" He made that annoying noise again and flopped down at the grass.

"This is nonsense" I whispered and turned my back to the guy. But I suddenly felt him move so I turned around and saw a gun pointed directly at me.

"Who are you?!" He asked in a rough voice. He has a pale skin and almond-colour eyes. He have a rough voice and sadness in his eyes.

I just stood there not bothering to say anything.

"If my mother sent you here, Im not coming with you" he said again.

"I dont care if you left home or whatever. I just want to know why your in my sanctuary?!" I said trying to control my voice.

"Oh Im sorry. I didn't know this is your place" he said and put his gun down.

"Anyways why are you here in the first place?" I said and sitted at the marshy grass.

"Well I ran away when my parents told me bout' ...something, then I drove and drove until I ended up here" he said and sat beside me. "Aren't you going to take off your helmet?" He said with a sheepish smile.

"Well yeah.. and please don't smile like a dog in here.. you'll ruin my sanctuary" I said while taking off my helmet.

"Your pretty" he said and smiling with his sheepish smile again."

"Kid your smiling again" I said and while fixing my tangled hair.

"Is it a crime for staring at you?"

"Is it a crime for killing you?" I answer with  a smirk. He slightly giggled.

"So what's your name?"  He added, I'm slightly nervous on telling him my name.

"Just call me Red" I said and offered him a hand.

"I'm Vince, nice to meet you" he said and shook my hand. 

"So what brings you to my sanctuary?" 

"Well.. my mom is forcing me to marry this girl" 

"Do you love her?"


"Oh, Do you like her then?"

"I dont even know her, I never seen her or met her before" he said full of doubt in his eyes 

"Well do you talked to your mom about this dude?"

"No.. wait.. did you just call me dude?" he suddenly asked. Why did I even call him that?

"Yes.. Is it  another crime?" 

"No its just..Its so relaxing to talk to you and I just want to hang out more" he said in a sheepish smile.

"I dont care as hell.. feel relax or whatever just dont do anything reckless or else ..." I suddenly stopped what if he's a Legal I cant tell him Im a part of a Pierre Mafia or Im a living legend for being the Red Reaper or Im the Princess ..that will pull our Mafia down to the ground. I suddenly pause making him to look at me closer.

"What's the matter Red? Are you okay?" he asked in a worried tone. This imbecile.

"Yah.. I'm just a little dizzy.. nothing to worry dude" I pretend to hold my wozzy head. Then he suddenly lean my head to his broad shoulders. I suddenly jolted but he carressed my head. Jerk. But its a little soothing.

" Perhaps your sleepy. You should try to sleep a bit, I'll wake you up later" he wouldn't do this if he know I'm the Red Reaper. Through all my life I'm living with a lot of boys surrounding me, but this feel new.

And in this enchanted pond I let my guard down and drown myself to sleep next to the colourless prince I never knew before...hmm funny, he don't even know a dark princess is leaning unto him. As beautiful as a rose; as dangerous as thorns.


I woke still leaning on Vince but his already leaning against one of trees. I stood up and wash my face at the pond and brush my hair with my hands to clear all the tangles. I walked towards the sleeping Vince and saw his sleeping face. He looks so peaceful. I looked at my phone to see what time it is..3am.

I put my helmet on and hop to my motorcycle. I look at Vince one more time and sped off...I drive and drive until came at mansion.

They left the gate open..for me. I put my motor to the garage next to my car and Kevin's car.

I walk around slowly at Kevin's car...I really miss him. Why isn't he awake yet.

"Mirage help me" I whispered to myself and run to my room forcing my tears to stop from falling. I quickly took a shower..crying the whole time. Darn it.

After an hour or so I ran down stairs. Im completely dressed..wearing a skinny jeans and a black shirt with my combat shoes.

"Good morning Princess" mom greeted me.

"Meoow" Kuro said in a high-pitch tone.

"Good morning mom, good morning Kuro" I kissed mom and carressed Kuro's midnight fur.

"Where have you been all night princess?" mom said as she offered me some breakfast. 

"I just went to my hide-away for a moment and slept there all by myself" thats half true because Im not alone..I have Vince to accompany me. I grab a peace of toast and grab some canned pineapple juice at the fridge. 

"Hey Scar..come on or we'll be late" Luke suddenly yell out of nowhere "Hi Untie Good morning" then he smiled to mom as she greet her. 

"A pleasure morn' to you too Lucas" mom said and we kissed goodbye and went straight to school. 


Happy Holidays to all you humans ...and not humans 

its a very happy and exciting CHRISTmas here in the Philippines :D 


#hi 2015!!  

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