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Scar's POV

Its already Saturday. A few more weeks before my Debut and Wedding. Im already stressed out just on planning my wedding. I didnt know theres so many types of gowns and bouquets. I decided to lessen my stress by going to the Pond. My favorite place in the entire world. I grab my helmet and my guns and hid it inside my pure black clothes. I search for my phone and keys for my motorcycle.

Vince is currently at work and so is Papa. Mama is a fashion designer and currently at France. Im left alone in this huge mansion.

I drove away silently in my motor named Whispering Death. Not bothering to look back.

I drove fast and its quite obvious that I hunger speed. The road is empty and quiet. The trees beside the road dance firm as the breeze of air sways them slowly.

When I arrive at the Pond its as beautiful as the day I found it. When me and Luke were just mere kids who lost they're way on the oblivious woods. When innocence is still at hand.

"Im home" i whispered to my self as I hop off Whispering Death and taking of my helmet.

I walked towards the water and see the reflection of mine in the pristine water below.

"Hello there" I said to myself and smile. I dive my head on the cold water and opened my eyes. I see my hair flow on the water. Some little fishes greeted me and said 'Hi'.

I took of my leather jacket and sat at the bit wet grass. I stared at the trees surrounding me. The scent of wet air is clearly sensed.

"Darn." I whispered to myself and flopped my long-black-wet-midnight hair away from my face.

I spent a few hours just staring at nothing. Looking at the tall dark trees, hiding the elipse of darkness beyond.

But then a figure appeared.

I was shocked at what I saw, more importantly, Who I saw.

She's the girl from the stories. But. It's impossible. It cannot be.

I squinted my eyes. I have a very good eyesight but the figure was too far to see clearly.

I felt a sudden chill upon my spine.

I quickly grab my jacket and helmet, hopping on my motor, but when I turned around. The figure was gone.



Like a Ghost.

I turned Whispering Death around and head my way to Pierre Mansion .

I drove so fast I didn't noticed how long I was driving.

I can't erase that figure inside my head. That was a phenominal memento. A mystique paradox. That shouldn't exist anymore.


Why is everything so complicated.

When I arrive at the mansion there we're so many guards . Almost triple than the last time I was here.

The guards saluted me, as I enter the vicinity as a sign of respect. I also sense some reapers on the vicinity and I can sense they could easily kill if they have to, and they're ready to die for the mafia.

I entered the mansion.
Same decoration.
Same scent.
Everything is the same.

But the feeling of hapiness is gone.
Its not like the home where I grew up.

It doesn't feel like the house where I lived for 17 years.

Then tears suddenly flowed from my eyes.

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