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After I sended dad the messege that I was sure of what my decision is. I stood up and took a deep breathe. I look around one last time. Closed my eyes.

"Everything is going to be okay after this Scar. Dont you worry" I told my myself. I walked towards the pond and bent down a bit. Then I look upon my reflection.

"Guess its time huh?" I told my reflection as I wore my helmet.

I hop to Whispering Death. And starts racing my way to my destinastion.

After a hour and a half drive I arrive at huge villa and inside it is a huge house. No. Mansion. Painted in brown-ish pale and dark brown. Complete with a pool and a breath taking garden with a hedge maze.

I drive to the front gate. Guards stopped me and said that I should take off my helmet. I did. And the guards bowed and they let me in.

I drive through a 'U' shape driveway and park my motorcycle at front of a fountain glimmering with lights.

Then a man in a suit approach me.

"What's your business here Miss Pierre" he politely said to me.

"Contract" I said in a serious tone.

"Please follow me. Lord Del Valle is at his office" he said and walked. I followed him on the way.

The mansion is beautifully decorated. The architecture is antique based but the furniture are modern. Two element were contrasting yet they are both cooperating on taking my breath away.

When we arrive at the office. Both Sir Frederic and Emilia are at the office having tea. And I think we have interrupted something that they are discussing.

"Hello darling. What brings you by?" Frederic said with a smile.

"Do you want something tea darling?" Emilia asked. Then I nodded and smiled at her.

"Sir I accept the offer" I said in a serious tone.

The couple was obviously shocked by what I've said.

"Is that really your desicion?" Frederic asked.

"Yes Sir"

"You know its consequences?" Frederic askes again.

"Yes. Absolutely Sir. And Im willing to face them" I said. My face is painted in seriousness.

"Emilia please get the papers" he said and gestures something to Emilia. Then she left. She said she's going to go to the home library.

While she was out. I told Sir Frederic my reason for accepting the contract. He just nodded the whole time. And sending his regards to the Pierre Family.

When Emilia finally arrived. She handed me a piece of paper. Then I read it. Fast, but clearly. My hands are obviously shaking. Bits of prespiration is seen in my forehead.

Then I signed the contract.

I signed the Del Valle Contract.

I signed my Marriage Contract.

Im already at the garden. Its so breath taking. Specially the roses completed with its thorns. Beautiful yet very dangerous.

As Im walking at the garden I saw some butterflies. Fluttering upon the mist. Obviously full of bliss.

Mom and I usually stares at them as they dance upon the breeze. Gracefully flying on the air. 

"I heard on what happened to the Queen" a husky voice said behind me. Then a pair of arms wrap around me. It felt so relaxing

"Mom also said you've already signed the contract" he said

"Dont worry Red Im not there on the Legal's attack and you've been strong alone but this time you dont have to fight alone. I will be by your side" he said and wipe my tear. I didn't even notice that Im already facing Vincent much less I dont even notice that Im crying. 

"I like that. Thanks Vince" I said and smiled weakly. 

"We better go inside. I dont want my future wife to catch some cold" He said and smiled at me.

Mom am I doing the right thing?

Is signing the contract the deed I have to do?

Or am I wrong?

"Dont you think so?" Vince said waking me from my trance.

"Im sorry Vince. What did you say?" I asked him slightly embarrassed for not listening to him. I thought he will be angry but he didn't, instead he giggled at what I have done.

"Mrs. Scarlett Del Valle have a certain ring to it, dont you think?" he said and let out a sheepish smile.

Mrs. Scarlett Del Valle..hmm..not bad.

Hey guys..sorry for not updating for so lllllllllooooooonnnnnnggggg....

Anyway.. to my dear friends may you all enjoy back-fighting me. The clue is the word friend. :D


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