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Scarlett's POV

I woke up the day after the incident. But for some reasons Kevin is still not waking up and Im already getting worried. The King told me about the one who is responsible for the 'accident' was found dead caused by a gunshot..exactly at his heart.

The one who killed him must be a deadly assasin or an eagle-eyed sniper. When we finally get out of this hospital Im gonna look for the person behind this crap. But I just cant sleep very peacefully knowing my big brother is not yet waking up. I hope Mirage will help us to get him back. What if Mirage and Kevin saw each other, what will they talk about?

"Princess? Are you awake?" Mom said while she is opening the doors of my hospital room.

"Yes Mom. How's Kevin?" I asked her and sit upright.

"He's still sleeping but his heart beat is good, the doctor said he might wake up in a couple of days" mom said while arranging the flowers that everyone sent me.

"I hope he wakes up soon"

"Oh and someone here want to visit you" the door suddenly open the a big teddy bear mascot arrived and start doing a weird dance. The bear started dancing around the room. Then he did a summer-sault..but sadly he failed and broke one of the flower vases.

But instead of getting mad and I burst out laughing out hard.

"Im sorry.. Im really sorry for laughing I know I shouldn't but I just cant" I tried to apoligize while laughing.

"Well thats why Im here. To make you happy…princess" then he took the head of the bear and I saw Luke.

"H-How did you know Im here?"

"Ofcourse..I know everything"he said full of pride. Then he sat at the edge of my hospital bed. And stroke my long-jetblack hair with his fingers.

"I also know about the accident and the case about Kevin, I also know its painful and your situation is confusing  but I want you to know that I'll always be by your side" He suddenly said sincerly. Then a tear fell my eyes Im so captivated from what he said and mesmerized from his blue orbs then suddenly tears fell from my eyes.

"I know I shouldnt show any weakness but I just cant stop crying I..." I said but Luke cut me off

"Tears doesn't mean your weak, it means your strong and your finding your strength to move on...but after you have shed tears you have to be even stronger than before" he said and I saw honesty in his eyes while I Scarlett Pierre kept on crying on Luke's shoulder like whiny little baby.

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