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Kevin's POV

A Loud bang suddenly woke me up. And a strong force moved my body and everything went black.

"Vinny Vinny  Vinny wake up you sleepy head" a girl's voice told me. But there's only one person called me 'vinny'. I opened my eyes and there is a kid staring right at me. Those eyes, those hair, that dress..Its Mirage.

"Vinny do you want to build a sand castle?"

"I will make an enormous castle then I will be the princess and you will be my prince" Mirage said with a huge smile.

"And we will play under the sun all day long then we will have lunch together" Mirage said and let out an adorable giggle.

"Then we will collect alot of shells" she said and gestured her small white hands.

I love to see Mirage again and its like a dream to fall for her once more. But theres something wrong about this dream…

Richard's POV

I got a phone call from Maria while Im on a legal meeting. And my prince and princess got into an accident. Perhaps I pushed them too hard. Right now Im on my way to the hospital. Antonio is driving and I cant set my mind. Loosing even one of them is horror. I went a background check on what happened and the 'accident'.

We arrived and I told Antonio to visit him because I needed him to unlock the success of my family. I went to visit Scarlett and she wasn't really critical, she can survive this.

A few more minutes and Antonio came.

"How is he? Is he still alive?"I asked him seriously.

"Im sorry. Time of death 3:23 am. Gunshot"

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