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Kevin's POV

"Vinny look I found a shell! Look at it..its pretty! Here you can have it so you'll never forget me" A blonde girl said holding a small pink shell on her tiny white hands. The soothing ray of sunlight shines on her face beautifly like a million stars. I grab the pink shell and in a single blink the wonderful dream turned into a terrifying nightmare. The girl's white dress is now tainted with red-liquid. Her hair flows as the liquid flows unto her. We started running..shots and bullets dances within the sky. But I could hear the scream of the blonde girl. Her name fits her perfectly..a beautiful illusion that hides the dark situation. The last thing she ever said still ringing upon my mind. A wonderful angel sended by heaven and took very quickly. But the smile that painted on her face shows happiness...Mirage Mirage Mirage..

Then I suddenly woke up from a dream--a dream about the girl I met at the past but I can never brought to the present.

I walked across the room and took a box from the cabinet. Im trying to burn the box years ago but I just couldn't. I saw a small book inside and opened it, it was my diary. I closed it immedietly but then I saw something very painful...a pink shell.

"Oh oh somebody is looking at 'the box' again" Scar suddenly showed up staring at me.

"Im sorry sis ...I just couldnt stop myself" I said Im so ashamed to myself to be this weak.. I hate it.

"Dont be..Come on I'll come with you" she said and hand-gestured me to follow her.


"Were gonna visit her ofcourse" she said and went outside from my room. Im very lucky to have a sister like Scar..she always help me. Im so thankful. And scared.

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