Del Valle Contract

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Scar's POV

Dad is hiding something from me. I hate it. If the King is not telling something to you your either not trustworthy or your too weak.

I know Im trustworthy. Rules might nbe ment tovbe broken but promises aren't.

And I am not weak.

The Mistress of the Midnight isn't weak.

The demon of the Black Roses isnt weak

The Red Reaper isn't weak

The Mafia Princess isn't weak

Scarlett Pierre isn't weak!!

So why is the King and Queen even the Prince is hiding something from me. This making me i hate this.

I went up to my room and saw Luke and Vince snorring at my beautiful red bed. Vince is sleeping at the left side of the bed and slightly snoring and wearing the a bluish pajama pants and the white tee shirt that he borrowed from Luke.

While Luke is sleeping at the right side. And Luke still being Luke snoring and talking in his sleep.

Then I suddenly remembered something when we're young and made our first sleep-over together.


"Moo.." Luke said while sleeping. Im holding a pillow on top of my ears because Luke is too noisy.
"....Ney!..*snore*...Ney!..."Luke snored and talk and its getting annoying.
"Lucas please stop..Lucas please stop..Lucas please stop.."I chanted while under my pillow then he suddenly stopped talking. Thanks goodness.




Luke is kicking me! Hell.

Blag! I fell at the cold floor of my bedroom. While Luke is still sleeping soundly.

I was awaken from my trance when Luke suddenly sat upright.

"How many cups of milk do I need to build a mall?" He asked in a husky sleepy voice. If he's asking weird questions it means he's still sleeping.

"..ummm.. four and a half?" I said to Luke and he went back to sleep again. I fix both of their comforters and grab my suit, a black sleeveless blouse and a black pair of leggins then I wore my leather jacket and my favorite combat boots.

" moron! You imbicle"! Luke shouted dreaming. I walk to him and kissed his forehead. Its a way of calming down a sleeping Lucas her mom told to me. 

I quickly went downstairs so I can go for a drive and go to the pond because Im so frustrated right now and I just want to clear my mind for a while. 

I was about to open the huge Acacia door when Kevin held my arm tight. 

"Kev Im just going for a quick drive" I said 

"King and Queen summoned you" Kevin said in a shaky voice 

"Oh okay" then I followed him and we went to my dad's office at the third floor

Kevin opened the door of the sound-proof room. This is where some of the illegal meetings are held.

I saw the Del Valle's sitting there. 

"Darling we have something to ask you"  Mrs. Del Valle said in a pitchy tone.

"What is it Mrs. Del Valle"

"Oh call me untie" she said smiling. Im weirded out Iook at mom first and she nodded.

"Okay... what do you want to ask me Untie?" I ask her

"What will you do to make the Pierre Mafia safe?" Untie said.


"So we decided this..." she said then handed me a piece of paper.

"What?!.." I said trying to control my voice.

"...I cant do this.. sorry Im Im willing to do anything for the mafia but just not this one. Im sorry" I said and headed to the door when Kevin headed followed me and gave me an extra gun.

"I know your frustrated sis..  Im sorry for that and dad are sorry to" Kevin said and hugged me.

"I know Kevin but I really have to go for a drive you know I have anger issues sometimes" I said

"Sure just be careful" he said then kissed my forehead.I went to the garage and took my motorcycle.

I've been riding for almost twenty minutes when I sensed someone following me. He's quite far but I can sense him.

I just ignored it. Perhaps just another driver.

Then they became two.. then three.. wait what.

I started getting annoyed because I want privacy. So I drove faster.

Then they drove faster. They're chasing me!

Bang! Bang! They're trying to shot me down.

Then I realize why they're shooting me. Im already outside Pierre Teritorry.

I continue to drive when one of them blocks my way. Jerk. I grabbed one of my gun and shoot him.

His black helmet doesn't help him much when my red bullet pushed through it. One down two to be soon dead.

Then one of the guys went to my left and the other at right. They are trying squeeze me forcing me to give up. They point their pistol at me. Idiots. I closed my eyes and feel everything.


I squeeze the brakes hard that I almost throw myself off the motor. I slightly laugh when I realize the both killed each other.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

I have another playmate? And its a riding in tandem this time. One driving and the other shooting.

I turned around so I can go back to mafia lands. I went pass them and as I did I shoot the enemies motorcycle's fuel tank. I drove faster then Boom! Awesome

I look behind me.

"Well that's nice" I said to myself. I went pass one of the people who were chasing me. I see a logo at his wrist.

A white shield with a dove and skull. I know this symbol. Legals. Darn it.

I rode back home and after like thirty minutes Im already home at the mansion. I sense much more reapers at our teritorry than usual.. enemies are starting to move.

I realize that the Protectors already left even the Rook. I went straight to my room then took a shower. Then I changed into comfortable clothes. 

I went to Kevin's room.

"Oh.. hey sis... Im sorry about earli..." he tried to apologize again.

"I know and I forgive you, but you have to see this"  I said and hand him my phone I capture a photo of the tattoo of one of the guy who is chasing me.

"This is a Legal" Kevin said

"Yes, and their are just outside of Pierrr lands" I added.

"How did you know this?" Kevin said.

"Five legals attack me earlier"

"What? Are you okay? What happened to them?"


"Hmm I expect nothing more for the red reaper"

"Im gonna report this to dad" Kevin added

Legals are already moving and I hope I did the right thing not to accept the Del Valle Contract.

I hope.



Sorry for late update but I did the best I could  ...

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