Black Roses, Red Thorns

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Luke's POV

Its been a week since Scar got out of the hospital and she is attending school again. Her normal self is back. The agile and creative Scarlett is here at the passenger seat and singing the song Rock n Roll by Avril Lavinge. Scar really so fit for that song.
She's wearing her denim shorts but not too short, a black sleeveless inside of my gray hoodie and her favorite combat boots. We're on our way to B.U right now.
When we reached our destination..Behemoth University..Scarrlet's facial expression suddenly changed. Her jolly and agile face turned into a dull-demolic creature of the dark. I've never seen her like that. Its almost like she's caught by something. Like she have seen a ghost.
"Scar, are you okay?" I said out of the mist.
"Ah? ..umm..yeah..Im fine" Scar said she's a bit paller than before ..what did she saw?
Im asking the wrong question here..
Who did she saw earlier?.

"Luke ..come on" she said, she was already outside my car. While Im still here at the driver seat staring at nothing and thinking deeply. I turned off the engine if my car and pulled out the keys. I quickly ran towards Scar and carry her Red Jansport bag. Its not that heavy but I just want to carry it for her.

"Hey Scar can I ask you something?" I said while were heading to our class
"Sure Luke" she said and she look at me..her hazel-brown orbs are directly looking at mine. Its tantalizing.
" sure?" I asked still mesmerize by her.
"Okay..about earli.." I was cut off when a flying knife passed between Scar and me and hit the metal lockers at the hallway.

"Its so sweet of you to welcome me back Ray-Ray" she said with a sweet smile and an angelic voice.  Ramon and the Golden Lilies walked towards us but Scar's facial expression is still not changing. I can see confidence in her orbs. 

"Stop acting your strong Scarlett Pierre. Your big brother isn't here to protect you" He said and grab her on her collar. "My gang will eliminate Black Roses"  Ramon said and pull Scarlett up, I was about to interfere on the on going commotion but Scar gestured me to fall back. 

"I dont pretend that Im strong.."Scar said and kicked Ramon on his tummy causeing him to let go of her collar and dropping her on the cold floor. Scar quickly stood up and punch him on the right side of his face, near his lips..causing to make Ramon's thick lower lip to bleed "because I truly am strong". She said and turned her back on the Golden Lilies. 

"And stop pretending your the leader of Golden Lilies..your too weak to become the leader of a gang that will eliminate my big brother's gang..specially if Im around" And with that single sentence I saw that Scar really want to protect the pride of Black Roses. That even thought Black Roses's leader is out of the picture for now.. there's still someone looking out for them. As beautiful as an angel and as scary as death.

Scar's POV

I cant believe that those Lilies will take advantage of  Kevin being on the hospital. I wont let those pathetic cowards destroy the Black Roses. I'll become a thorn if I have to. They wont scare me with their shadow. Shadow. 




That shadow from before...I think I've seen it somewhere in my past..but when? 



I felt like I was being watched so I looked outside the window..and there I saw a dark figure.. It seems to be looking straight to me. I have a clear vision but this time I cant see his face but I can feel that he's smiling. No. He's smirking at me. 

I blink my eyes for a second and when I opened them the figure was gone. Nothing left but a shadow. 

He seems so familiar, but I cant remember him. 

Why cant I remember him?

When did I first saw that figure? 

Who is the shadow? 

Why is he there? 

Is he a threat or a blessing? 


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