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"Hello Darling"

A voice said sent chills upon my spine and blocked my throat.

I turned around and a wet Vincent show upon me, covered in red liquor.

"Hello Darling. How was your day?"

"W-what happened to you?".

"Nothing happened to me, but I cant say the same to you"


It was a dream..

A horrible dream.

What was that about?

I twist and turned and twist and turned until I finally realized Vincent is not by my side.

I stood up and grabbed my knife and hid it in my silk and chiffon night over-all.

I opened the door slowly and walked in silently on dimly lighted hallways.

I noticed a light in the backyard. Near the pool . I saw Vince..

Sitting .

Talking someone to the phone.

I walked to him quietly. Near him. Close enough to hear him.

" sure that it will be perfect.." ..
"..yes, I've planned this for months just dont ruin it.."
"..precisely, every single detail must go according to plan.."

but my cover was suddenly blown. When my own phone vibrated in my pocket, the blade of my knife made the vibrating louder. he heard me

He twitch when he heard me, so I showed myself.

"Darling? is everything alright?" I said softly and blankly. Dont act suspicious you idiot

"Mom? I'll call you back.. shhh.. you'll blew it"

"Who's that?"

"Mom. She called me. How long were you standing there darling?"

"Well, I just got here. What did she say?"

"Its a secret. You'll ruin the surprise. Come lets go to bed"

I nodded and followed him.

I'm not purely convinced that he's talking to his mother.

I don't think he lied either.

Quite confusing.

We entered the bedroom quietly. Its too quiet that I don't heard him talking to me.


I was shot out of my world. And saw Vince looking at me with his pristine eyes.

Nobody looks at me like this before.

"What is it?"

"Are you daydreaming?"

"Dude its evening, that would be 'eve-dreaming' Mr. Del Valle"

He lets out a soft giggle then a long yawn.

Its already 2 am, that made me question about the eve-dreaming specimen, that would actually be 'very-early-daydreaming'.

Again. Quite confusing.

He went to bed. I went down stairs and took a cup of coffee.

Coffee always helps to calm down and think more clearer.

Some of my "friends" in Behemoth University thinks its quite obnoxious to have a habit like that, whenever I drink coffee in the middle of the night, they expect me to become awake and have booming of energy in the entire night.

Caffeine just kick me too weakly perhaps.

If could even call them friends. They talked sweet to me and snarled me behind my back. I could slit their throats at a heartbeat, chose to not to do so.

I'm too angelic for that.

I slightly giggled at my thought.

But I still feels something is off. Like it doesn't fell right. I just cant put my finger unto it.

I spend the entire night on the living room, drinking water and eating chilled mango cuts. Watching a cooking show marathon. I don't know how long I was there but I passed out in the couch, in a very uncomfortable position.

I woke up at bed with a sore neck and back.

I never knew I posses the power of teleportation. Because when I wake up Im in our room already.

"Well good morning darling" Vince said his hair still dripping wet and the scent of shampoo still clear from the air. He walked towards me and kissed my forehead.

"You showered early, perhaps youre going somewhere. Right?" I said as I sat up and completely regret it because I had a stiff neck from sleeping in such an awkward position.

"Well yes, I hired a planner for your birthday, in nearly a few days from now. Mama is coming home later today and would like to visit her friend's wedding shop for your gown" he said while drying his hair and styling it in a sleek manner.

I drown myself ones more at the comfortable navy blue blankets and left of a soft groan. Too tired and lazy to stand up. Much more picking dresses.

"You probably should stand up and eat darling.." Vince said looking at his phone. "..mama's home early"

"Shoot!"I fast walked down the stairs yo the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. I hurriedly ate my pancakes, toast, apples and milk.
Gosh do I ate alot? No.

I was heading upstairs when the door suddenly burst open and a beautiful woman appeared. Wearing a tight a-line skirt stopping at her knees. A turtle neck top covered by her long dusky-white fur  coat. And a pointed closed grey heels.

"Scarrlet! My. My. Still not ready my dear?"

"Afraid so Mama. Vince didnt inform me you would be coming home early"

"Informed or not a lady must not be late. Let those lazy babboons do that dear child"

"Mama! I know that was you. Goodness your early" Vince said from the top of the grand stairs

"Vincent. You look as divine as ever sweetcheecks"

"Aww.. sweetcheecks" I said and let our slight giggle.


"Why am I not allowed to call you that Vince?"

"I prefer not"

"aww but it suites you darling" Vince just snarled a bit.

"Well dear go get dressed, a warrior must prepare for battle. Yes?" She said in an angel-like voice.

I just nodded and headed upstairs. Took a cold shower. Let my long hair dry naturally. Put basic make up on. Grab a pair of jeans, a plain shirt and flat shoes.

Im ready to go when someone knocks at my door.



"Yes dear, are you done? May I come in?" She asked as she patiently waited for me. I open my door and as I did it her face was shocked.

Not edited :( but hope you guys like it.

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