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I woke up early from my usual time period. I stare at the wall for about five minutes doing nothing but staring. I tried to fell back to sleep once more since its only 3:28 a.m which is too early since I usually wake up around 5:00

After about three minutes of closing my eyes and try to fall back to dreamland again but it looks like it barriers itself from me. So I went to the bathroom to take a cold smooth relaxing shower

I look at myself in the mirror and admire my tangled bed-hair

I strip my clothes off and let the water cool my entire body. My body flinched as the first drops of water travel to my back. Its send senses through my entire body. As it painted a weak smile across my pale face.

I grab a plain black dress and undies. Put them on. I let my hair air dry then put some eyeliner and lip tint. I wear a black Converse shoes. Grab my essentials mainly and when I say "essentials" I mean gun, keys, knifes and money. And another gun.

I went straight down stairs left a note for Vince. I went to my motorcycle as I put my helmet. It felt like I've been reunited with a dear friend which is actually true. I let the engines roar and suddenly stopped by the guards,

"Miss Pierre please state your destination and your reason" a bulky guard told me and felt quite restricted. But maybe because back in our estate I have the freedom to roam around freely unless we're in Red Alert which means its strictly prohibited for anyone to go in and out of the territory.

I can't let them know about my sanctuary.

"Umm.. okay. I've dreamed about my mother she was unto this bridge its quite far away, but not too far away, just far enough to be seen but quite small so its really hard to see because its far away but still I know its mom because sh..." as the other guard cut off my rambling. He have a beautiful tattoo of a crow just peeking from his collar.

"So where are you going?" He said as he stood closer to me.

"Well you're quite rude aren't ya, can;t you see I'm talking here. You if mom is here she would slap you in face for barging in. Mom still believe chivalry ain't dead, well you know 'yet'. But I think it will be soon. Oh I remember this one time I went to bowli..." I was cut off again from a man who's suddenly cleared his throat and look at me from head to toe and slightly grunt.

"Let her pass" He said as he nod and the gate opened.

I smiled at him.

Not because I'm grateful because he let her pass. But because I know it'll work.

Kevin always get annoyed whenever I talked to much and just kept rambling until he get lost at my words and get tangled in my thoughts. Even Knight gets annoyed at it, and thought I'll do the same to these guards. And it worked.

I just pat my own shoulder.

well done red. well done.

I feel the crisps morning air through my bare legs and my arms. As my motor just pass by the opposing wind.

I left the Del Valle territory and I can sense a lot of eyes looking at me.

I went straight and show them I'm not scared and I'm no threat.

Well unless they suddenly attack me. But I think doing that is a mistake. For them.

A few more minutes I arrive to my destination.

My sanctuary.

It look like how I left it.

Grassy and wet.

I walk to the tall grasses. Just regret wearing a dress because when I arrive at the pond I have a lot of grasses stuck to my legs. The first thing I saw when I arrive is the pond with its bluish-green clear water. Where small fishes dance gracefully. I sat by the edge and feel the dewy grass under me took a deep breath and smell ..peace.

I took my shoes off and take a dip at the wet stuff. Its quite cold made me slightly shiver. I dip my entire lower leg in it. The water slightly touch my leg just a bit above my knee. The fishes danced near my toes as I walk and let out a small giggle as the fishes tickle me.

I did that until I'm completely relaxed and satisfied. I did that for about 30 minutes. And I'm sure its already past 4 a.m

So I lay down at the dew-drop-filled-grasses. It smells wet and I could feel the moisture on my scalp and smile. I shut my eyes and there I meet with my dreamland.

"A pleasure of a morning babe" I saw Lucas smiling at me. Then turn and face the stove.

"So eggs or bacon?" He said and smiled.

"Ummm.. Veggie Salad?" I said as I turn to the fridge. Then Lucas' turned crimson red and strangled my neck then the whole house fell apart. And I saw was ledges and cliffs so much like canyon scenery.

"I'm gave you options! Don't go out of the line b*tch!!" He yelled and his grip turned tighter around my neck. I feel light-headed and slowly loosing consciousness.

"E-E-Eg--Eggs" I said as I scrap the last voice I have to answer"

"Oh you like eggs huh darling.." he said let me go. As he smile and kisses my forehead I smile back at him holding my bruised neck.

"...but its too late bitch" he said as he kicked me and I fell at the cliff.. then he roared.

I suddenly woke up.

It's just a dream Scarlett. Just a dream..

a really really really bad dream

a nightmare.

Why is Lucas' called me babe though??

Scar seriously that isn't the most peculiar part of that dream..

So..? what is the most peculiar part of it?

Lucas can't even cook?

Lucas' house is sitting in the edge of a cliff side?

Lucas called me a b*tch?

Lucas roared?

Yup.. definitely the part when he roared..that's the weirdest part.

Then I heard a load engine closing by.

What?! How is there a vehicle in here!?

In my sanctuary!!

Is it the Legals?

Adrenaline kicked in inside of me

Have they followed me?

My entire system react quickly and my senses are on the hype

God please no.

As I swallow my fear and put a mask on...

Help me. brave mask on.  


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