Chapter 2: The Queen

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"The Queen have arrived!" a loud voice said. Mom is here, finally. 

I said and rushed down stairs to eager to see her again.

"Milady be careful!" Eve shoutet, following me from behind. I heared her and slowed down. I saw my brother stood near the main door of our house with his private bodyguard Alfred.

"You look great Kevin" I said to him and  he smiled at me like a jerk.

"I always look great Red and today you look great too" 

"Where's dad?" I asked 

"Right here, sweetheart" I saw him behind me and holding a bouquet of roses he kissed my cheeks and hugged my brother. Even though he's a mafia boss he's still a caring father. 

Then the double doors opened and we saw a lady on a white-silky dress long enough to touch her ankles, a black necklace around her neck and holdng a pet carrier. 

"Mom!" and hugged her tightly. 

"I missed you Sweetheart and you look lovely tonight" she said and kissed my forehead, then she handed me the pet carrier and opened it. A kitten! 

"Do you like it?" mom said to me then walked toward Kevin, 

"I love him! Im gonna name him....." I said and went on thinking for a good name for a black cat with a pair of luxuious blue eyes. 

"You look really great at tux Kevin" mom said with a smile on her face.

"Am I the most handsome man you ever seen mom?" He said with a smirk on

"Im sorry Kevin but your just the second most handsome man I ever met" she said with a fake frown 

"Who's the first one Maria?" dad said in concern

"Its you darling, Mr. Richard Pierre" she said and dad gave her the bouquet of roses and kiss her cheeks. 

"Dinner is ready!" Antonio said my dad's private body guard then we all went to the dining area. There is a long dining table in the middle of a huge room filled with foods.

"Great Im already hungry" Kevin said and we all sitted down. 

"Antonio, Marge, Alfred, Eve, why dont you sit down and jion us for dinner?" Mom said to them with a sweet smile. Then I smiled at Eve.

"Im afraid we cant, its out of our bound to do that kind of..." Antonio said when he suddenly cutted off when Eve sat beside me. 

"Eve! What are you doing?" Antonio said furiously.

"Im accepting the Queen's invitation, its quite rude to turn down a humbly invitation like that" Eve said to Antonio calmly. So they all sitted at the dining table and joined us. 

"So how's school going you two?" Mom said to both of us.

"Great mom, Im on the School Varsity team" Kevin said "and Im quite popular" he added.

"That's great son, how about you Scarlet?" 

"Its going well mom, Im really enjoying myself" I said to her with a smile on my face. 

The whole night went well and I finally found a decent name for my new pet cat. Kuro its japanese for black and it fit him perfectly.

Tomorrow is a sad school day.  

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