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Scarlett's POV

Its Sunday afternoon and we're experiencing light rain showers. Its cold and some people are inside because of the weather. But me and Kevin are on our way to the Cemetery to visit Mirage..the first love of my brother. I dont know much about her since Im still too young back then. But all I know is, she is pretty and she's perfect. Everytime Kevin tell me a story about her I can see the happiness in his smile and loneliness in his eyes.

Its a whole hour drive to reach Ceanno Cemetery and the whole time Kevin is staring at nothing and obviously thinking deeply.

I stopped the car at the front of the cementery gate. Its big and glorious and I can see inside was a huge museleum painted pure white and decorated with shells.

Kevin froze as he sees a portrait of Mirage inside. Her long blonde hair reaches to her mid-back and her fair skin is wonderful. The smile painted on her sweet young face can send you breathless. She is perfect for the beach. She is calm and beautiful..a source of bliss but in a blink...the angel that been sent by heaven is quickly took by hell.

"What if..?" Kevin suddenly spoke still frozen, staring at the portrait. I looked at him questioned, waiting what he will say next.

"...what if I didn't plead to her to go to the beach that day?" He said without any emotion.

"...what if I took all the courage inside of me and go back to her instead of running away?" He said then look straight at me.

"What if I never met her, will she be alive till now?"

"What if I risked my life to save save Mirage?" He said and a drop of tear fell from his beautiful eyes. The mafia Prince..The leader of the Black Roses...the heir of the Pierre Mafia...cried for girl he trully loved.

I walked toward him and hugged him tight "Kevin, Im sure Mirage is happy where ever she is. Im sure she is glad to hear your voice and that you still remembers her" I said

"And Im sure she dont want to see you cry and she wouldn't regret meeting a wonderful guy like Kevin Pierre" I told him and gave him a sensire smile and he smiled back at me.

Its already late at night and Im driving back to Pierre Mansion. Kevin is sleeping at the passenger seat, he is emotionally stressed so instead of him driving us home, I drive instead. Its road is dark and creepy and to make it worse its all foggy so its very hard to see. But only 45 more minutes and we will arrive at the mansion. I drive faster since were nearly there and there not much fog left. Im already driving 200km/h.

Then a figure appear ... a man? Then the following went quickly.. a loud bang then the glass broke.. the tree came out of nowhere. I cant move my body and I still cant find my voice..where is Kevin? I want to cry in pain... will anyone please save me. Then my sight started to blur .. then everything went black.

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