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Darling if your hearing this message, I might already be in trouble or Im already...dead.
My King if your troubling yourself  because of me, please dont, you know I hate it when your worried to me too much. And Kevin my Prince, please help your dad , he might not made it on his own and please take good care of  Scarlett for me, okay?  Princess your much much stronger than you think you are. What ever path you choose Im going to cheer you on, dont worry about it. Luke thanks for everything you've done for us. Please keep Scarlett safe, and to you too Vincent.

Key in black.

As I heard mom's voice recording I felt a slight chill upon my spine. Tears kept on flowing and flowing, like a river I cant possibly stop it.

"Mom..*sobs* p-please tell me ..*sobs* what should I do?" I said in between my sobs. Trying to hold back the tears that I have. But failed.

I was scrolling through mom's photos when it suddenly lagged. And automatically opened a photo.

A very important yet a very devastating photo.

"Mom is this the way?" I talked to mom's phone. Im not waiting for a respond or anything but I just put up a slight smile.

"Guess mother's knows best, am I right mama?" I said to myself.

I stood up and bid farewell to my dad. I said Im going for a drive. At first he didn't allow me to. He said it would be dangerous, but once he saw the look in my face he allowed me to.

I took a long mesmerizing drive to my most favorite place in the world. The pond.

I arrived after almost an hour drive. The thirty minute drive became a whole hour. The usual fast phase of my black motorcycle-- Whispering Death, became a more slower and relaxing phase.

When I arrived at the pond. I sat down at the slightly wet mossy grass. And started thinking to myself. Rethinking everything from when me and Kevin were kids..and when I got to my first prom dance..and when I got Whispering Death..when the day I first encountered a Legal..memories suddenly burst upon me. Then remembered the picture I saw earlier.

"Glob" I whispered to my self and bury my face upon my knees. I started chanting something under my breath, on whether or not to do the contract.

Things became more and more complicated.

Im the most powerful Reaper but my family is my strenght and without them..Im nothing.

I flopped down on the grass, completely staring at the dark-shaded trees. The place looks creepy and scary but at the same time comforting.

Then I remembered the photo again in moms phone. I opened her phone and look at the gallery. I stared at the photo. Pairs of eyes looking directly in the camera, looks innocent and normal but in truth their not.

What ever path you choose Im going to cheer you on, dont worry about it.

I remembered the phrase mom told me. I quickly grab my phone and sended dad and Kevin the voice record of mom I know it just lasted for a couple of minutes but for the Pierre family..its a worth a million.

I send dad a text messege:


Richard's POV

Im currently at home doing some paper works. I know if I stayed at the hospital I might do something I will regret later, so Kevin took my place and guarded the Queen and secured the facility. Reapers and guards are encircled to the whole hospital building. Fully armed.

Then I suddenly got a messege from my daughter, Scarlett.

A voice record? Of Maria.

I listened to it. Listening to every word she says. Every sentence. Every word. Every syllable. Every letter. Disgesting it all.

Then my phone rang again. Another messege. From Princess.


Is she serious?!

She's letting her freedom go?

I quickly text her back:

Are you sure?

Less than a minute pass and she replied.


One word.

One syllable.

Three letters.

That might change the game. Entirely.


I know I dont update as often as I used to coz of the semi-hectic schedule that I have. So yeah..that's all.


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