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Scar's POV

"O-Oh my g-gosh.. K-Kevin.." I said between my sobs. Tears fall upon my eyes like a storm on a rainy day.

"...I'm sorry.. I'm so so sorry please forgive me please...please..I beg you please...forgive me Kevin. Please".  I walked nearer on where he lie.

"Why are you asking for forgiveness Lil' Sis?" He asked me but in that one sentence almost all my tears flowed.

I miss the way he call me sis.

I miss the way he boast about his looks.

I miss the way he talk.

I miss the way he lead the gang.

I miss the way he play with me.

I miss the way he hugs me so tight and so tender.

I miss him..

I miss my big brother,

my idol,

my partner,

my supporter.

I miss the Prince of Pierre Mafia.

I miss the leader of Black Roses.

I miss the guy who cooks omelet with egg shells

I miss Kevin Pierre.

"I done this to you please forgive me.. I want to go back to time and stop myself from hurting you.. Im sorry" I said to him but he suddenly hugged me.

"You know that I cant bear to see you sad much worst crying. Im your brother I wouldn't be angry at you..Im the one who should be sorry, I left you alone in that dark place" he said and his orbs are identical to mine but it feels like his orbs are sent by heaven.

"No.. you didn't left me I know you wouldn't you always give me hope and strenght Kevin and I wanted you to be happy" I said and I give him a weak but sincere smile.

"But sis Im happy to be with you"

"Mirage makes you happy too"

"Mirage and I will see each other again but while my time here is still running let me hang out and protect you sis"he said and kissed my forehead.

I was about to say something else but the Pierre family doctor said Kevin need some rest so I bid my farewell to Kevin and went to the park instead. Eve brought me motorcycle and helmet there I could go home by myself.

I grabbed my phone and text Luke.

Im at the park..

I sent it.. after a few second he replied.

Which park?! There's like 3 or 4 parks in town

I slightly giggled on what he text. I totally forgot to tell him on which park Im in.

You know the park thats like 5 blocks away from your house

I texted back with a smile on my face. I dont know why but even though he's not doing anything he always makes me smile.

After like 10 minutes Luke arrived he only walked because he said he needs excercise even though he already have an awesome and breath-taking body. Trust me I know.

"Hey Scar, are you waiting too long?" He asked me and I stood up and hugged him. He was shock on what I did.

"What have come to you Scar?" He asked me in a cheerful voice but just smiled at him. His orbs looking straight at mine.

"Kevin is awake" I said to him and I ran to my motorcycle and toss one of my spare helmets to him.

"That's great, hey where are we going?"

He asked me.

"Wherever you wanted to go"

"How bout' the pond?"

"Not a bad choice Luke" I answered him and let him drive. I hugged him tight all the way. We arrived there faster than I could imagine.

"I miss this place, do you remember when we we're young" Luke said

"Yeah, when we meet here every afternoon just to play and I always sneak out to play with you" I said to him. This is the very reason why this place is my sanctuary.

If anyone would ask me if what is my favorite place in the world..I have no doubts this is my favorite place. This is my place of innocence and Im going to do my best not to get it tainted. To preserve this bliss.

We spent long hours just talking and laughing at remembering the childhood days.

When the world was a wonderful and magical place.

When the everything is like rainbow and  fairies, like a land of fairy tales..but the world Im living now is far from my world from the past.

A simple happily ever after is a rare find in this dark fairytale of mine.

And with the memories of yesterday we're hoping to become stronger. And while the pale-silver-moon is watching over us, me and Luke drown ourselves to sleep in the River of Memories.



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