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Richard's POV

My princess was attacked yesterday and she told us that the Legals are just outside the Pierre Lands. So Im doing my best to make my mafia stronger and keeping my family safe.

Now Kevin and Scarrlet is gathering some information about the Legals movement towards us.

I know its dangerous sending both of them on a dangerous mission but they insisted and those two are the most dangerous and powerful reapers I have.

I trust those two.

I believe on their skills and intelligence.

I know if something goes wrong they can make it out alive. 

No doubt.

"Darling what do you want for dinner?" Mafia asked as she is cooking is cooking dinner.

"I would like some steak please" I said and I flopped down at our sofa as she continue to cook.

"Oh dear Im all out of thyme and rosemary I have to go to the supermarket" she said and she went upstairs.

"Darling its a little dangerous outside" I told her in a worried tone.

"Dont worry about me darling I can handle myself beside its just a quick trip to the market" she said with a smile and gave me a peck on the lips.

After that Marge and Maria waltz out of the room I heard the car engine went on and continue drive from a far. I went to my office to think of a plan on how to hold the legals down. But I just cant think of a perfect plan. I hope I can hold them off.

So went to the kitchen to get some cup of black coffee.

I made a nicely hot black brewed coffee. I sniffed it and it fells so relaxing but suddenly I went so uneasy.

I saw Scarlett's cat Kuro sleeping. So I went towards it so I can pet his fur. But I came closer to him but he stood up and 'hissed' at me. With his fur standing straight up.

He looks like a demon with blue eyes.

I got a little jumpy causing me to let go the cup Im holding crashing on the white pristine cold floor below causing a hot mess below.

I quickly clean it up but I still have an uneasy feeling in my gut like somethings bad is going to happen.

Then the door burst open. Blood is dripping on the floor.

Kevin's left arm has a cut on it.

"Those stupid Legals!" I loudly roared.

Kevin's POV

"Those stupid Legals!" Dad shouted echoing through the Kitchen.

Scar went to her to get a cold shower as usual and her pet Kuro followed her upstairs.

Dad help me with my with my wound. He cleaned it up and bandage it.

"Dad we learned something earlier, well actually Scar learned it earlier" I started our conversation.

"Learned about what?" Dad said and looked at me straight in the eye.

"Legals plan.." I said

"Legals going to make us loose pur focus and make us devastated but they didnt said how but Im sure to make us loose our focus on the mafia" I continued in a serious tone.

"But how?" Dad asked

We both think for a while then Scar appeared near the door.

"Where's mom?!" She shouted at dad.

"Hey Sis dont talk li.." I tried to restrain her.

"Just tell me where the hell is mom?!" She shouted again cutting me off.

"In the market she ju.." dad said but cutted off when Scar turned around.

"Shit. Shit. Shit" she repeatedly cursed and pick her two guns at the table and her signature helmet on. We heard her motorcycle roared and quickly faded through the distance.

What happened?

She never act like that

She never cut off dad when he's talking

She respects dad and never shouts at him.

Most of all she never cursed.

What the hell's happening to my little sister.

-tugtug-  -tugtug-  -tugtug-  -tugtug- my heart became faster and my brain was a blur.

-tugtug-  -tugtug-  -tugtug-  -tugtug-

Theres an uneasy feeling in my guts and dad feels it too.

What's the hell is happening?!



Hey,  Im trying to make a new book its Romance but with a pinch of badass. Read it if your interested and all titled Dear Miss Sadist.

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