The Ocean

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'What's next? What's after this?'

A lot of "what" questions ran in my mind.

'It'll just be annoying if Reiner and that Beast Titan come back...'

A shadow loomed over me as I looked up at Historia. She took a pendant necklace and placed it around my neck. She tightened it and brought her right hand up. I lightly kiss her hand as I let her hand go.

'There can't and won't be a next time...Eren, and, Armin, and I will make sure of it...but...why do I feel that it will happen either way? I feel...that...I have to go back...'


A voice snapped me out of my trance as I looked at Eren. He still held Historia's hand. My eyes widened at his expression.

'Why is he...mad...?'

Narration POV

The sound of Titans being crushed by Trost's giant sledge went snow began to stick.

When the piles of snow began to melt, the military announced that Wall Maria had been cleansed of Titans.

By the time we began retiring the elevators of Trost and start working to pave the main road, the flowers were budding and the butterflies dancing.

Refugees were finally permitted to return to their hometowns roughly one year following the attack on Trost District.

And so, six years after the Colossal Titan's first attack...the Scouts once again resumed expeditions past Wall Maria.


Levi: It's just like you thought, Hange. The Titans inside Wall Maria were pretty much all of them. We thinned out the majority in just a single year.

Hange: In that case, let's head straight to our target as planned.

I saw Levi look at me.

Levi: How are you holding up?

Y/N: I'm's been alright...

Levi: As I said, Mikasa and I are willing to help you train. Just come tell us and we'll plan. Okay?

Y/N: Mhm...

I looked back in front of me as I saw a red flare.

'A Titan...'

Hange: We gotta check it out!

'I thought we were supposed to ignore the Titans...'

We turned towards the smoke and stopped right in front of the Titan.

Y/N: The Titan looks weak and it doesn't look like a big threat to us. There's no need to kill it.

Eren walked up to the Titan and placed his hand on its forehead.

Flock: Oi!

Eren: It was shipped to paradise. It's a fellow patriot.

Everyone let out a small gasp.

Eren: Let's go. We're close.

He said as he walked back to his horse. I grabbed the reins and continued to our target.

'We're close...and it's weird...'


'That wall! It can't be the same one...'

I shook my head and paid attention. We were currently at a dessert biome where a wall was displayed to our left.

Hange: Hey, Y/N. Are you okay? I know that--

Y/N: I-I'll be fine. Please don't worry about me.

She nodded as she looked back in front. We took a turn towards an open path that sloped upward. Ever so slowly...I saw it how many years I saw it...I stopped Pegasus as the others stopped their horses. I looked back at the wall and gripped the reins.

'It's the wall...I'm here again...I didn't know that we were this close and far...'

Hange: Let's go down.

Hange ordered us as we went down towards the sand. Everyone dismounted their horses and walked towards the water. I watched as Armin's eyes sparkled as the ocean water made contact with him. The birds were cawing and circling the water.

Y/N: Catching lunch?

Connie: Eyy!

Connie splashed water at Sasha as she closes her eyes. The water stung her.

Sasha: My eyes!

Jean drank a mouthful of the water.

Jean: Damn, it's salty!

Hange: Woohoo! Is this thing seriously all saltwater?! Huh? What's that?

I looked at Hange as Levi stood away from the water.

Levi: Hey, Hange! It might be poisonous, so don't touch it.

I shook my head at Levi's comment. I looked back at the wall and felt a yearning to go look at it. I walked back to Pegasus as I jumped on the saddle and took the reins.

Levi: Oi! Y/N! Where do you think you're going?

Y/N: (mutters)Not far...

I slowly made my way towards the wall. I stopped as I got off of Pegasus. I felt that I stepped on something and looked down. My eyes widened at what I saw. I picked the cloth up and gripped onto it.

Y/N: How are you here...?

Without me knowing it, I started to cry.

Y/N: How did I know this band...was mine? How?

I looked up at the wall as I used my ODM gear to get on top of it. I looked around the wall and saw shattered glass and empty cases.

Y/N: Titan...serum...?

I grabbed a glass shard as memories started to flood in of the past. Me watching Eldians turn into mindless Titans... me being a successful experiment... me leaving them... Reiner... Bertholdt... Annie... crossing paths with John and Troy... and then stopping at the Azumabito's... Ms. Naoko... Hisato...

Y/N: Hisato...I wonder how you're doing right now...I never got to thank you and Mrs. Naoko formally, huh? Nor did I give you guys a proper goodbye...

I dropped the shard as tears continued to fall mercilessly.

Y/N: (grips on the band)Freedom isn't on the other side of the ocean...what waits for

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