The Right State of Mind

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Historia's Father: Grisha was a person with the Power of the Titans. I do not know who the man was, but...his goal was to steal the power the Reiss family possessed. This power Grisha sought to was the Power of the Titans residing within Frieda. Frieda's Titan was superior to all other Titans. You could say her Titan had unsurpassable power. However...she did not have the experience to properly wield it. Unable to unleash her true potential, she was eaten by Grisha and he stole the power. But that's not all...he then attacked my entire family. His rampage sought to eradicate the Reiss family. He crushed the 14-year old Dirk and 12-year old Abel. He trampled over my wife and 10-year old Florian still clutched in her arms. Lastly, he took my eldest son, Ulklin, and squeezed the life out of him. Miraculously, I was the only one who made it away.

Historia: Unbelievable...that's how she...why would he do such a terrible thing?

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell are you guys blabbering about in here? I hope you know a buncha shit is going down outside."

'Why is he here?'

Historia's Father: Kenny? What happened?

Kenny: The Scouts started a coup d'état and all the regiments changed sides. Everyone knows the King's a big fake, and all the big shots ended up getting captured. Oh yeah, it's a royal shit show. Only a matter of time 'til they show up here. You oughta wrap it up lickety split.

'That's the Scout Regiment for you...'

Historia's Father: Yes, all right. Take your Anti-Personnel Control Squad and defend the entrance. I believe I told you already that I need your crew to leave for the ceremony.

Kenny: (sarcastically)Whoa, now, King. Did I make you mad? Sorry, 'bout that. I'm just so worried about you.

Historia's Father: Kenny...I trust you. Go.

Kenny: So do I, King. And you better check my friend hanging above you. 

I watch as he held onto his hat and leave. Both Historia and her father look at me. Historia widened her eyes while her father just glared at me.

Historia: Are we going to...

Historia's Father: No. He can't transform. He'll be dealt with before he can even transform. 

Historia turned towards Eren and Historia's father brings his hand up. 

'Is that-!'

Historia's Father shot the gun and a dart attached itself to my neck.

'Not again...'


I dragged myself to the patio of the house. I kept hitting my back because of how stiff it was. 

Y/N: I need to get better at this or I'll just continue to fall or collapse my lungs. His techniques are useful, but they take a toll on my body...

I slid the door closed behind me and kneeled in front of Mrs. Naoko. I was met by a smiling Mrs. Naoko.

Naoko: Did lunch at least get you in a better mood?

Y/N: Sort of, Ms. Naoko. 

Naoko: Okay, Y/N. Please hold your hands out. 

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