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Shiganshina District

' we are...'

I dropped down from the roof and landed in front of my destroyed house. 

'I really don't want to transform into my Titan...'

I walked around the destroyed house to look for an entry.


I took off my gear so I can fit into the hole. I looked around the damage inside the house. I started to walk around and look for anything that catches my eyes. 

'There's nothing in here. Could there possibly be something like an underground basement...?'

I started tapping and stomping the floor to find any weak spots. 


Y/N: So there was no reason for me to even go here...just great...

I started making my way out of the house and my eyes widened.

Y/N: Where is my gear...?

I held my breath when I felt something cold against my neck.

"Was this what you're looking for? Your gear?"

The voice spoke. I cringed as I ducked and headbanged my captor and pushed them down into the ground. My eyes widened at who it was.

Y/N: Alexa...? I thought you were...

Alexa: Dead? I have my way's Y/N.

She smiled up at me.

Alexa: If you get off of me, you can have your gear back.

I got off of her as she stood up and started taking my gear off. I then reattached my gear. 

Y/N: How did you hold up for all of these long years? 

Alexa: I hunted and scavenged, Y/N. It's not that hard. Mother and Father taught us well.

I noticed that Alexa hasn't stopped smiling.

Y/N: Why are you so smiley?

She then hugged me.

Alexa: I just miss my lil' bro. It's been a long time.

I couldn't help myself but hug her back.

Y/N: It has been a long time...and you smell really bad...



I landed back on the rooftop and saw that Levi, Hange, Mikasa, and Eren hadn't come back yet.

Connie: You're back! And with...a girl?

Jean: Y/N! You know what Mikasa can-!

Y/N: Hey, chill out. She is not a girl, she is my Sis, Alexa. I thought she died along with Mother and Father, but she survived.

Alexa: Hello.

They all waved or responded back. I sat at the ledge staring at the district. I felt Alexa sit next to me.

Alexa: So, what happened on your side of things. 

I looked at her and stared at my hands. I sighed and started to tell her everything that had happened after I left Shiganshina. I let her condense everything as I continued to stare at my hands.

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