Female Titan

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Eren's POV
Underground Tunnel; Stohess District

Eren: Y/N!

I ran towards the rubble, and I could barely see Y/N.

Eren: No, no, no, no, no! C'mon, Y/N!

Armin: Eren! Y/N!

Eren: Armin...

I looked up and saw Armin land next to me.

Armin: Let's get him out.

Eren: Right.

Armin and I started to take the rubble off of Y/N.

Eren: Open your eyes...

We removed the last slab of rubble.

Armin: Y/N! Answer me! Y/N!

Jean: Hey! What are you doing?

I turned around and we saw Jean.

Armin: Jean!

Eren: Y/N's trapped!

Jean: Eren! Go! You're the one who has to help with the capture of Annie.

Eren: But I can't do it!

Armin: Eren! Look at Y/N! He's unconscious because of who?

I widened my eyes.

'First, she takes Marco. Then, Levi Squad. And now...'

I stood up from where I was.

Eren: (in a solemn voice)Do whatever it takes to get Y/N out of there.

I jumped out of the hole and saw Annie in the distance.

'I'll kill you...'

Eren: I'll kill you!

I bit down on my hand and felt myself transform into my Titan Form. Anger had taken the best of me. I let out a roar of rage and chased after Annie.

Armin's POV

Armin: No, no...Y/N!

Jean: He's been impaled.

Y/N's eyes were slightly open. I checked for his pulse.

Armin: He's breathing!

Y/N: Go...

Jean and I look at him in shock.

Jean: No. We can't leave you, Y/N. We need to get you out of there and-

Y/N: Go...help...them...

He pointed outside the tunnel.

Y/N: Help...Eren...

His hand falls limply to the ground. I looked down and grabbed Jean's hood.

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