The Struggle for Trost and The Attack on Trost, Part 5 - 6

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Eren's POV


I slowly opened my was red everywhere...I looked down and saw-


A head staring at me. I looked once more and I was surrounded by dead soldiers and civilians. I backed up and I bumped into was another dead body...

Eren: Aah!!!

'No...this can't be...we've changed in five years...we trained to become soldiers...we thought we were that we could defeat that they couldn't prey on us...

"It's's so hot..."

I turned to the voice. It sounded like a girl.

"Help me. Mom...Mom!"

I suddenly started to remember about Mom too. How I would make her laugh...



'Why must this happen? Why do they prey on us? They take our lives...our dreams...'

Eren: (cries)Why!?! Dammit! Goddammit! (lifts severed arm)I can't give up just yet! I'll annhilate you! Every single one of you! I'll destroy you with my own hands!


Y/N: What happened, Commander Pyxis?

Pyxis: Apparently, a cadet from the vanguard has been tried for treason. 

Y/N: Treason? Why? Who called it?

Pyxis: For the person who called it, it was Kitz Woermann. For the reason why someone had turned into one of those things. 

Y/N: in a Titan?

Pyxis: Yes.

We continue to make our way over to the site. 

'The only person who they know turned into a Titan is's also possible for both Armin and Mikasa to be there with him. They'll survive...I just know it.'

Pyxis: Do you, perhaps, know the people in question?

Y/N: It's possible I know them.

Armin's POV

Mikasa and I stare at Eren in shock. He was saying things...while smiling like a maniac.

Eren: I'll kill you...

Armin: Eren?

Eren lifts his head up. I started to see light in his eyes. When he finally saw the many soldiers surrounding us, he gasped.

Mikasa: Eren! 

Armin: Eren, can you move? Are you yourself again? Tell them everything you know! I'm sure they'll understand!

Eren then looked at me. His eyes were quivering.

Eren: Armin?

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