Attack on Stohess

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Next Day

I hurriedly made way to the underground cafeteria.

'I was the one who thought of the idea and I'm late...'

I burst through the doors and everyone's eyes were on me.

Y/N: I apologize for being tardy. Commander Erwin, did you give them the paper.

Commander Erwin: I did.

Y/N: Okay. So this is how it'll go down.

Eren: Erm, Y/N? Why is everyone here?

Y/N: Technically not everyone, but I have identified a person of interest who may be the Female Titan.

Everyone looked at me in shock, except for Commander Erwin and Levi.

Y/N: If you will, Commander Erwin.

Erwin: The operation will be in two days. It will take place in Stohess District, on our way to the capital. This is our first and last chance. Once we pass that point, Eren will be remanded to the capital.

Y/N: As all of this is going down, Jean will be disguised as Eren.

Jean: I still don't understand how I look like Eren...

Y/N: That's the thing, they'll be easily fooled. Not many people would know how Eren looks like, they only know him by name.

Erwin: Our pursuit of those who seek to destroy the walls will become fraught with difficulty. Ultimately, humanity stands to go extinct. We will stake everything on this plan. When we pass through Stohess, Eren will act as a decoy, and lead the target into this underground tunnel.

Y/N: If we can get her to the lowest level, given the tunnel's size and structural integrity, even if the target transforms, we can immobilize her. But if she transforms before then...Eren, we'll need your help.

Eren: Right. But what about you. You can control your Titan far way better than me.

Y/N: That is true, but I'll be hiding from the target. I'll be waiting inside the tunnel.

Eren: Why?

Y/N: Because the target knows that I know their identity.

Eren: How are you so sure that the target is in Stohess?

Erwin: Becuase she is in the Military Police. And a 104th cadet like the rest of you.

Eren: No you have any proof?!

Y/N: I do. And it all points to one person. That night, when Sawney and Bean died, I managed to at least narrow it down to 5 people already.

Eren: No way...

Y/N: And no one could pull off the killing without being skilled, so then I narrowed it down to 2 people. And after the inspection, I suspected 1 person.

Erwin: Annie Leonhart.

Eren: What?

Y/N: Think about it, Eren. You fought the Female Titan, didn't the fight ring any bells?

Eren stared blankly at the table. His eyes then grew wide.

Eren: But that's not enough evidence!

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