That Day - The Fall of Shiganshina: Part 2

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Location: ???

???: Check for any survivors! If you do, take them to the ferry immediately!


???: Captain! There's a boy over there! I think he's still alive!


???: Then take him to the ferry!

???: Yessir!

I then felt my body weight decrease as I was being picked up from the ground. I slowly try to open my eyes. I can see the ground. It wasn't the one I knew. It was littered with building debris and splattered blood...blood...?

'What's going on?'

The person continued to carry me to the destination.

No one's POV

The soldier had successfully reached the ferry before it got a little hectic. He was now onboard and was now looking for a place to safely lay the young boy down. All around the soldier he can see the many mixed emotions of the people of Shiganshina District. Mixed between despair to fear to nothingness. The soldier stumbled upon a blonde haired boy sitting on the board while hugging his knee. He decided that he would be the best candidate to watch over the young boy.

Soldier: Excuse me?

The blond boy jumped a little and looked at the soldier.

Blonde Boy: Yes? How may I help you?

Soldier: Can you do me a favor?

Blonde Boy: I will try my best.

Soldier: I appreciate your help. Please...

The soldier then placed the young boy down next to the blonde boy.

Soldier: ...can you promise me that as soon as you and the rest of these citizens port, immediately take him to a nearby doctor or hospital camp?

The blonde boy nodded.

Soldier: I thank you again, young man. Be safe on your travels.

The soldier then jumped off of the ferry and landed on solid land before dashing into the crowd.

Armin's POV

I looked at the boy who the soldier had requested for me to look over. He had brown almond eyes that matched with his
brown-black unkempt hair. I realized that he looked familiar from somewhere. I then heard a loud boom from the distance. I averted my attention to the noise. I widened my eyes as soon as I saw what it was. Another bizarre looking titan had breached the wall. The defining feature of the Titan is the all-encompassing layer of plated, armor-like segments of hardened skin protecting the Titan body. The Titan breathes deep and lets steam out of his mouth. Steam soon shrouded the titan. I couldn't see any of the Titan after that.

I shifted my attention to Eren and Mikasa. Mikasa had kept a straight face on while Eren...I could see the despair in his eyes.

Eren: I'll...never see that house...ever again...

Eren then began to cry...

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