A Dull Light in Despair - Restoration of Mankind Part I

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Location: Training Grounds
Year: 847

I watched as Commander Sadies walked up to Armin.

Keith Sadies: Hey, kid!

Armin: (salutes)Sir!

Keith Sadies: Who the hell are you?

Armin: I'm Armin Arlert from Shiganshina, sir!

Keith Sadies: That so? A name fit for a retard! Your parents named you that?

Armin: It was my Grandfather, sir!

Keith Sadies: Arlet, why are you here?

Armin: To contribute to humanity's victory, sir!

Keith Sadies: How very admirable. You should make first-rate Titan feed.

Keith then held onto Armin's head and turned his whole body 180°.

Keith Sadies: Third squad! About face!

He walked up to another cadet. And continued to question the others. I noticed that he would pass by some cadets. Including, Eren and Mikasa.

Keith Sadies: Fourth squad! About face!

He continued to walk through the element until he stopped in front of one of the cadets.

Keith Sadies: Who the hell are you?

Horse: I'm Jean Kirstein from Trost, sir!

Keith Sadies: What are you here for?

Jean: To join the Military Police Brigade and reside in the Inner District, sir.

I looked at him as if he were crazy, still keeping my bearings though.

Keith Sadies: I see. So you wanna live in the Inner District?

Jean: Yes, sir.

He immediately got headbutted by the commander.

'He should've seen that coming...'

Jean immediately grasped his forehead and slouched towards the ground.

Keith Sadies: Who gave you permission to sit!? If you can't even handle that, you'll never make it into the Military Police Brigade!

He walked towards another cadet.

Keith Sadies: And who the hell are you? What did you come here for?

Cadet with Freckles: (joyfully)I'm Marco Bott from Jinae, in Wall Rose's Southern District, sir! I came to join the Military Police Brigade and pledge myself to the King!

Keith Sadies: Is that so? Goodman. A noble objective. But remember...

He got closer to Marco...

Keith Sadies: the King doesn't want you.

He then walked up to another cadet.

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