Lessons and Results

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Y/N: The waterfalls?

Hisato jumps off his horse as I did the same. Hisato nods and starts to walk over to the base of the waterfall.

Hisato: Training will start here.

He says that as he points at the two waterfalls.

Hisato: We're going to be meditating. And after that, we'll continue where we left off from yesterday.

Y/N: So no fighting or sparring today?

Hisato: Mhm. Today is more on concentration and meditation.

Y/N: Alright then. Lead the way.

Hisato walks over to one of the falls as he sits down and starts to meditate. I did the same and immediately jump out of it.

Y/N: It's cold...

Hisato: Get back in there or we can't continue yesterday's training.

I let out a sigh and reluctantly walk back under the fall. I tried my best to not get pushed down by the water's force or get distracted.


Azumabito's Residence>>>

Mrs. Naoko: Trust is something that is hard to gain and is easy to lose. Correct?

Y/N: Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Naoko: Extend on that, Y/N.

Y/N: How can I? Do I just give you the definition of it? Do I give you examples?

I watched as Mrs. Naoko smiles at me.

Mrs. Naoko: I trust that you know what to do. Y/N? You see what I did there?

I nodded my head.

Y/N: Trust is something you know for sure. Er...I mean...trust is something that is needed in almost everything. In family, work, etc. For example, if I had this strong connection with a baby, when I throw him or here in the air, it would just laugh because he or she knows and trusts that I will catch him or her. Another is having not so strong of a connection to someone my age. If I was supposed to catch a stranger from behind, he or she wouldn't trust me because they don't even know me.

Mrs. Naoko: So, you're saying that trust is something through connections and it is important.

Y/N: Yes it is. I think trust leads to more relationship, as well.

Mrs. Naoko: I can't go against that!

After her lessons, dinner was ready.

Present Time

Wake up, young rogue.

Y/N: ...

Young rogue. Please wake up. There is something you must do.

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