To You, in 2000 Years - The Fall of Shiganshina: Part 1

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In the distance, I can hear an animal-like roar.

I can't see anything. I can only hear them.

???: Whatever you do, Y/N, you can't use your #%+]{ for evil. Use it for what you think is right.

'#%+]{...? What #%+]{?'

???: Now go! Live a better life than here. You'll be better off with the—

'Go? Go where? Go with who? Where am I better of with?'

There are too many questions revolving around my head.

I then feel a hand caressing my cheek.

???: Don't stop believing. I'll see you soon. Until then, take care.

The hand left my cheek, and then I heard running in the distance.

Then there was a cry. Slicing noises can be heard. A gunshot rang out...

And then the sounds became distant...

Location: Shinganshina District
Year: 845

I then woke up from my weird dream. Sis was all up in my face again.

Sis: Hey! We gotta go back or mom will scold us again! Did you get the apples that mom asked for?

I looked down at my satchel...I only collected 15...Mother asked for 20...she won't care... right...?

My Sis is not my real sister, she still cares for me though. Father was the one who took me in. Again, he is not my real dad. I heard from Mother, not my real mom, that she knew my real family. Both Mother and Father agreed to take me in due to...confidential...reasons. I don't know why they refuse to tell me, but I resist asking them more about my past.

If it's better off with me without knowing, then I'll keep it that way. When I first learned about this, of course, I was outright confused. But I had to understand the situation.

Y/N: Yeah, I got them. Do you think Mother will be okay if I only grabbed 15 apples only?

Sis: Do you have a good reason why you only grabbed 15?

Y/N: Yeah...? I mean. Yes. Yes, I do have a good reason.

Sis: Then your fine(smiles). It would be funny to see you get scolded by mom again, though.

Sis chuckles at the thought.

Y/N: Hey! Stop teasing!

Sis: You know you love me~

Y/N: Yeah, yeah...

I picked up my satchel and followed Sis back home.

Along the way there, Sis and I passed through an alleyway. Through my peripheral vision, I could see three boys teaming up on another boy. The blonde boy let out a cry. One of them had pinned a blonde boy to the wall. I knew I had to take action before the blonde boy gets hurt.

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