A New Perspective

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Levi: Are you ready to go?

Y/N: Just let me refresh myself.

Levi: You were supposed to do that before I came in, Y/N.

Y/N: I know. But I didn't know when you were coming.

Levi: Jeez. Hurry up then. Or I'll leave you.

I got up from my bed and headed to the shower room. I finished quickly and wore a new set of clothes.

 I finished quickly and wore a new set of clothes

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I looked at myself in the mirror.

What's wrong, young rogue?

Y/N: Nothings wrong. (Touches hair)I don't know if I should cut my hair...that's all really...

That is a decision that I can't help you with. I apologize.

Y/N: There's no need to apologize. I should head out now...

I put my hair up in a messy bun, and head out.

Y/N: I'm ready, sir.

Levi: Let's go.

We head out of the building and got on our horses. We then sped away.

Y/N: May I ask where we are going?

Levi: To a cabin where my squad is currently in.

Y/N: Levi Squad? I thought-

Levi: I got new members. And you already know all of them.

Y/N: Oh...but why take me too?

Levi: Becuase you'll be a part of the Levi Squad too.

Y/N: What about Commander Erwin?

Levi: You're a special case. You get to be on both mine and his.

Y/N: Okay then...

Levi: And just call me Levi from now on.

Y/N: What? Just call you...Levi...?

Levi: Yes...like old times.

Y/N: Like old times?

Levi: You actually forgot, huh?

Y/N: Sorry...

Levi then let out a small laugh.

Levi: You shouldn't. Let me refresh your memory.


Levi's POV

Isabel: What are we doing for today, big brother?

Farlan: Why are you calling him your brother when you aren't even related...

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