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Trost District

Levi: Kenny!

Levi took his sword out and detached it afterward, throwing it towards Kenny. Kenny deflected Levi's blade with his pistol. I took my cape off and threw it in the air in front of me and slid down the building and waited for Levi.

Kenny: Kaboom!


Levi: Let's go!

Levi jumped off the roof and used his 3D Maneuver Gear. I caught up to him.

Y/N: Where are we going?

Levi: To the cart.

I sped my way over to the cart. 

'Wait...if there is more than him...'

I took a detour and around. I landed on a roof and ran towards the cart. 

'Levi is unknowingly creating a distraction for me to get to the cart. This better work.'

I finally saw the cart after taking the detour.

Y/N: There!

I jumped off the roof and landed on the cart. I sliced the guy who was protecting the girl who was driving the cart and pushed him over the cart. The girl who drove the cart looked back at me.


I lunged at her and punched her straight in the face I pushed her off the cart and I took a hold of the reins. 

Y/N: Now, I just need to get to Pyxis'. Giddy up!

The horses went faster, but that didn't help when I heard two zips of a cable.

I took my blade out and let go of the reins. I turned towards the two incoming enemies. They brought their guns up and got ready to shot. 


I dodged the first bullet and deflected the second. I shot my hooks towards one of the enemies and I pulled on the cable towards the building. I threw my blade towards the one I didn't get. I watched as both of them fall limply towards the ground. I grabbed the reins again.

'This is going to be different...we're not going to only fight against Titans...we're going against people too...'

Y/N: Giddy up!

The horse neighed and ran faster.


I looked up to see the rest of Team Levi and Levi. 

Levi: Keep driving, Y/N! Armin! Secure the cart together with Y/N! The rest of us will take care of the rest!


Y/N: Armin. Don't be afraid to draw the blade. This is all new for you guys. But you gotta understand that this is all going to change.

Armin: R-Right!

I kept driving the cart until I sensed something behind us. 

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