Laid Back

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Sadies: That is everything that I know.

The silence was evident in the room. 

Eren: So that'

Commandant Sadies doesn't respond.

Hange: Now we know the real reason you resigned. Not to atone for the soldiers you killed, but because you realized you were never special. That's the childish reason you're here. 

Levi: Quit it, Hange.

Hange: Screw your inferiority complex. Don't run from reality. Isn't that what vowing to give our hearts was all about?!

Y/N: Please stop, Hange.

Eren: The commandant was right. I was never special or anything. But...I'm the son of a special man. That's all it is. 

Sadies: Your mother...Carla said this...

Is it wrong not to be special? I don't think that way. When it comes to my's fine if he's never great. He doesn't have to be better than anyone. After all, just look at him...he's so cute! He's already special. Because he was...born into this world. 

Sadies: That's what Carla said...

I looked at Eren for any reaction. He stood up from his seat and left the room. 

Hange: Thank you for your time, Commandant Sadies. We will leave now.

Commandant Sadies nods as he stands up and watches us leave the room.

Sadies: Y/N.

I looked at him before I left the room.

Sadies: You have a great obligation now. Continue, but do be wary in the future.

I turned towards him and saluted.

Y/N: Yes, sir. I will devote my heart and body to the future and for my family.

Sadies: Family? Who is your family?

Y/N: The Scouts, sir. Have a great rest of your evening, Commandant Sadies.

I dropped my salute and left the room. I walked out of the building and rode together with my family. 

Next Day>>>

I started to fidget while we were waiting for Commander Zachary. 

Hange: Hey, Y/N! Relax! This won't take too long.

I stopped and looked at Levi.

Y/N: I didn't think you would tell them. If you wouldn't have told them about this serum, I would be with Mikasa right now, Levi!

Levi could only shrug his shoulder as the door opened. Commander Zachary walks in.

Zachary: Sorry, I'm late. 

Commander Zachary walks around the table and sits.

Zachary: Well? Have we discovered what's in the container?

Hange: The thing is...with our technology, I'm afraid we can't dig much deeper. Like we've heard from Eren and Historia, it seems to originate from some sort of human bodily fluid. However, it vaporizes when exposed to air, making analysis difficult. Whoever made it must have had technology far superior to ours. If it was the Reiss family, I can't imagine how...

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