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2 Months Later

Orphanage Home


"Hey! You wait right there!"

I looked up as Historia was chasing after the kids. Historia caught up to the kids and grabbed them by the collars. 

Historia: Don't you run from me! Listen when I'm talking to you!

I sighed and stood from where I was. 

Y/N: Hey, kids! You don't have to listen to her! Y'know?

The kids looked up at me confused. They only laughed and slipped out of Historia's grasp.

"Older bro's right! Since! She's a girl! She can't hurt us!"

Historia: Hey!

The boys only laughed and screamed in fake terror as they ran behind me.

Boy with Dirty Blonde Hair: Protect us, Big Bro!

I kneeled to their height and flicked each of their heads. 

Y/N: That's not a way to treat girls now. When you know they are weaker than you, that only gives you the responsibility to protect and watch over them. Unless they are stronger than you...I don't even know what to say...

Historia stopped in front of us as she continued to watch and listen.

Boy with Brunette Hair: But who could be stronger than you, Big Bro, that is a girl?

I chuckled and look at them. I was no sitting.

Y/N: No one is stronger than me, guys. Only Corporal Levi. He's the one who-

"So you're saying that you're stronger than me? Who's the one that watches over you so you don't do anything stupid, huh?"

'On, boy...'

The boys only stifle their laughter as they ran around again. I sighed as I looked up to see Mikasa looking down at me.

Mikasa: What's your answer. Y/N?

I only smiled.

Y/N: I'm stronger and you know that.

Before Mikasa could do anything, I rolled forward and sprinted out of the scene. Through my peripheral vision, I could see Eren, Armin, and Jean laughing as I was being chased by Mikasa.

Mikasa: I'll get you, Y/N L/N!

Next Day>>>

Y/N: Just like that, Eren!

Eren continued to harden his body.

Y/N: Right there! That's good!

Eren stopped as his Titan was now fully hardened. After the incident at the church, I never really had to use the armor serum so it was the best choice to let Eren try it out. It was shaky at the start, but after a few weeks, he started to get it. 

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